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Posts, Posts and More Posts!

I have a few posts in the works, one of which is a series of posts which will then be a downloadable PDF on how to build a Church Website using Church Hosting – a lot of the same things would apply to a normal website, but with 110+ churches hosting for free now, really working hard to build some guides to help churches really build up their websites!

The old FlockUpdates may be back now and again to see this silly mug of mine, but rest assured more good things are coming! Soon too going to be re-opening the Crowd Funding site to see if anyone is up for helping grow Church Hosting even more! So excited to see so many churches getting hosted for free, one even told me a story of another provider offering “FREE” but by the end of the sign-up well over $100! Oi! Let’s get the word out about Church Hosting and keep our churches free on the web!

In Other News…

Yesterday on Facebook & Twitter today I posted this picture:

Acer Chromebook & 3 Chromecasts!
Acer Chromebook & 3 Chromecasts!

I’m giving these away as mentioned in a post wrapping up 2014, basically I’m looking to bolster up business without big advertising and I need your help, if you can help you may be one of the lucky winners to get some free hosting and these cool prizes! There is a mystery prize I plan to hand out too, again the target is 5 folks referred and it’ll be a random drawing, let’s just say, it’s rather exclusive and only 2 other people have it…. anywhere. Too if we get a HUGE surge of sign-ups then there will be additional “Thank You” prizes including but not limited to T-Shirts, Stickers, Account Credits and More! So help make this huge!

Want an easy way to convince folks to sign-up? How about some coupon codes for 2015! There’s one for Personal (2015-6M-PER) and one for Business (2015-6M-BIZ) – these are both 6 month packages! For personal it’s $20.15 for 6 months, and for business its $40.30 (Double 2015) all in all some great savings! And it sticks with you, not some one shot discount, you get it for as long as you have an account, so every 6 months great savings! Looking for a year to spread the word for? Our regular pricing is great as well, but more promos are coming!

So stay tuned for more posts! They are on the way!

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