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Trouble Ticket Wisdom: Is my email/site down?

knowledgeA common trouble ticket that finds its way to the support desk is

“I can’t seem to get email, my website is down! Why is everything offline?”

Well there are a few reasons as to why things could actually be offline:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unplanned Server Outage
  • IP Blocked by Firewall

So what do you do when these things occur? How do you know? Well let’s go over a few ways that your ticket would be cleared up:

Scheduled Maintenance

It happens sometimes, there are software updates which require a little downtime, some are quickly scheduled for safety’s sake, others planned weeks in advanced to address bigger issues, or even just general housekeeping! So how do you find out about these sorts of outages? Email! First and foremost I email customers about LARGE outages – so be sure your email on file is to an address NOT associated with your service.

Now for quick and priority always be sure to check Twitter or Facebook, chances are if it’s quick you’ll see a notice, and sometimes a rundown of what’s going on.

Unplanned Server Outage

This happens! I’m sorry, sometimes things outside of my control, hardware failure, power issues, datacenter server attacks, you name it! So when things go completely wrong and my hands are tied waiting for the datacenter I tend to keep updates on Twitter and Facebook, if it’s something major it is posted here at the blog too!

IP Blocked by Firewall

You set up a new email address and the password won’t take – after about 3 tries because you may of just hit S instead of D you realize that it is giving you a new error – chances are you got blocked by the firewall which likely thinks with all this password failures you are up to no good!

Previously I’d of sent you to another website, but now I send you to FlockHosting’s website to find your IP address give the number in green to me in a ticket, and ask to see if you have been blocked, if it’s not a firewall block the IP still helps me determine what is going on!

There you have it!

You’ve just read up on several scenarios related to outages and being unable to access your website, do remember you can check on the fleet server status by checking in the customer zone – but usually the above will help you stay up to date!

Have a question? Trouble Ticket Wisdom will come from tickets but too if you have a question about how to do something, open a ticket and let me lend you a hand! Who knows your issue may appear in one of these posts!

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