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Meet Lilly 2.0

So this past weekend Ruth & Lilly 1.0 customer all moved to new hardware, it was a pretty painless migration some minor hiccups with MySQL passwords, but easily fixed by simply re-setting it and new password format takes hold and things work!

But you may not be aware of all that’s new for you on this new box, you may just skip over what new functionality you have to work with so I am going to cover 5 new things on Lilly 2.0!

Restore Manager



Restore Manager has been something I’ve wanted to add for a while, and it’s actually just come online today, and is exclusive (at the moment) to Lilly 2.0! It allows you to restore your data, as needed! If you messed up by deleting a file, or somehow got hacked, you can roll back your files with no need to contact me!

It’s quick and easy, and I highly recommend taking a look around the feature, it’s super helpful, easy to use, and provides quick access to the backup server for your files!

SSH Access


A sometimes requested feature is SSH access or Secure Shell, is an alternate way to securely connect to the server. As many of you have seen FTP access has gotten sketchy with a huge Filezilla issue on FTP, well now you can use FileZilla (or your favorite SCP/SSH Client) to get access to your user directory to work on your site if you are a SSH junkie or simply use FileZilla to SCP over and securely access your files.

All users are Jailed to their home folder and prevented from wandering the server much like FTP, but for developers and linux junkies, SSH gives a more robust access to all things their website. If you’d like access (Again Lilly 2.0 only!) please open a ticket and I’ll be happy to enable your access.

PHP Selector


Some folks prefer running the latest and the greatest, for others turn the site on, and just let it ride! Well no more worries about upgrades to PHP working against you, if you prefer an older version (even though that’s scary!) you can now switch backwards to PHP 4.4 but also up to PHP 7!

RemoteMX Wizard


The need to change your MX records always comes up, but even a single period can break your attempt to switch to Google’s mail servers, Office 365, and others – well for now all it has support is for Google, but in time I hope to add as many external mail providers as needed to make your transition as easy as possible.

DNS Editors (Simple & Advanced)

cPanel_-_Main 3

Sometimes you need to create say a link to another service, or for verification create DNS record, well now you have full control, enabled in all accounts is the ability to edit your DNS, two modes are included, but if you ever have concern about how to change your DNS, please feel free to open a trouble ticket.

That’s it!

Well for now anyway 🙂 More good stuff coming but for now enjoy the 5 new features, more goodies in there, be sure to look around!