Third Wednesday Funday

Probably could come up with a better title, but I think it works ūüôā

FlockHosting has been around 5021 days (13 years) and one of the things I used to do way back when was sponsor a site on a monthly basis. Where did it go? Honestly? I don’t remember! Didn’t have the blog back then to document – and this only goes back to 2007. So let’s not fret about when it disappeared, let’s focus on Today. It re-appears.

So how does this work? What is Third Wednesday Funday?

What it is:

It is plainly a giveaway. Every third Wednesday of the month I’ll take nominations from the following sources:

  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • Text Message
  • Blog Comment
  • IM
  • LiveChat (even leaving a message if I’m not on)
  • Facebook – Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)
  • Twitter¬†– Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)
  • Google+¬†– Use #fhfunday (or Tag us!)

All you need to do is nominate someone. On social networking, you would tag their username, on the others, provide a Name/URL/Email address. Any and all information isn’t going to go into some database or marketing list. I’m going to use it ONLY for these giveaways; their¬†name goes into a hat, a person/company/band/etc. You find deserving gets a chance at the following:

  • 1 Year of Hosting
  • 1 Year SSL Certificate
  • 1 Year of Weebly Starter
  • $10 Credit for the person who nominated you!

Only cost the winner has, is the cost of a domain. If they already are online, then no cost, we point their domain to FlockHosting! This offer will power your nominee’s website for a full calendar year, and then they’ll be given an additional year at renewal for 10% off current pricing.

Why do this?

The web is “accessible” to most people. For many the $5 month cost of hosting means cutting out a coffee or a taco bell run from their month. Let’s be honest beyond that – the web can be scary. The plan with this offer is to help stop the “I don’t know what I need!” going into the world of web. All goodies included will¬†give¬†folks room to play for a year and build/experiment, etc. No risk of that $5 going to waste.

For others nominated it may mean getting away from a host that’s not meeting their needs. Outages, out of resources – they need a change to keep an active website successful.

My hope is that with each winner in the 12 months can build a website at no cost, and see the benefit of FlockHosting and will continue to be FlockHosters even after the free year is up!

I’m already with FlockHosting, Can I be nominated?

Sadly the goal is to take folks, not on FlockHosting and bring them in, but if your nominee wins, you do get a $10 credit on your account, so you can get something out of this if you nominate!

How many times can I nominate?

Up to 3 people per monthly funday.

When do I start?

First thing tomorrow! I’ve already got a post in the queue, it’ll go live at midnight and have comments open through the day – as well as you can use the listed options above some most listed on the communicate page.¬†So look at your twitter followers, facebook friends, websites you visit, and pick some folks to nominate!