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Where did October Go?

It is hard to believe that November is over this next week and December is quickly approaching! Where has the time gone?

A quick update for you, let’s do it bullet style:

  • FlockUpdate has been recorded, coming soon!
  • FlockHosting.com is getting a facelift & new pricing (Cyber Monday Sale? Maybe.)
  • Some new software installed on servers (FlockUpdate will have more info!)
  • Doing some Security Updates tonight, services may off/on as things happen, should all be brief (less than 90 seconds)
  • Billing System is finally getting upgraded this evening at 10 PM.

I’ll post some updates to Social Networks about when things are going on, but nothing should ever go offline. The upgrades should be brief, I do have at least two servers which need MySQL upgrades to make upcoming changes a lot easier – a lot of this is going to be in the FlockUpdate, hopefully re-recording tonight (for a 3rd time, because 3rd time’s the charm!) so hang tight!

Hope all of you that celebrated Thanksgiving are recovering nicely 🙂