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FlockUpdate: Quick Email Update

About Email Changes

So email continues to be a problem. Grace, Church, and Fellowship all have had a few tests which work without issue but requires a setup for each domain one-by-one. This solution launched to ALL of Lilly, in a single install method – No more one-by-one.

What this does is look for patterns of spam, so like incoming spam filters it filters, all the outgoing email to make sure it’s not something junk going out, thus making it easier to ensure mail has gone out cleanly!

There are some add-on’s I haven’t enabled yet, but it will give you the ability to find out why you had email dropped, but as it stands while I’m cleaning up, some of you likely have NO idea you are sending spam if your site is compromised. I’ll be emailing those with compromised sites as I find them.

This service like all those in testing is 100% free of charge. The goal long-term is to provide you guys with trouble-free email if at all possible! We’ve got Spam better for most with MX GuardDog, if testing continues well, we may have a fleet-wide solution for outgoing email as well!

Remembering 9/11


Please be sure to keep those affected by 9/11 in your prayers.

FlockUpdate: November 2015


  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Web Editor Next Month! Weebly will become a new tool from FlockHosting!
  • Email Rejections being dealt with! If you are having problems please contact me!
  • Church Hosting – Thank you for your donations!
  • Church Hosting – We don’t have limits! Church Hosting site being revamped to ensure folks understand it’s meant to be a blessing!
  • New Changes coming to FlockHosting for 2016!
  • No more founders club! But discount membership option coming soon!
  • Promo’s coming in December!

Customer Appreciation Month: Week 2

The fun continues! This week appreciation week brings a few things – first and foremost, let’s note who has been selected for upgrades:

  1. Rachel G.
  2. Victoria M.

Big congrats, watch for a ticket this weekend from me to get you all moved over to the new server Praise!

Next – this week’s highlight – Katie Keller [Website] [Blog] – Katie has been a customer for quite some time now, having not only herself hosted with FlockHosting, but brought in some of her family too! 😀 Katie has been a favorite to work with, she’s always been patient with changes, quick to follow tips/ideas on issues, and just an amazing customer to work with over the years!

She has an amazing heart, and is a pro with the camera (see the above website), and has been a great customer and friend to me for many years! So in her honor this week all current customers, can request (thru the remainder of this month) Enhanced Email Service – Free of Charge (Up to 5GB of storage)! Since this is not a “instant” option I can simply upgrade accounts with, it will be a queue based upgrade, and some details to follow once you get in the requested queue.

If you have not seen the enhanced email here are some screen caps of what you can expect from the webmail end of things:

The service does not use your hosting storage, so recent upgrades are NOT used up! It is on a different set of servers which if your website if down for maintenance, email will still flow – and it works with your Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile phones! It’s an amazing service and has powered Email @ FlockHosting for over 2 years now.

If you have email on server, you can request a migration additionally – it will migrate all details from the current servers over, just will need a list of usernames and passwords – but that will be handled in the ticket to get the service setup – the deadline to request this is October 1st.

To get rolling there is a new ticket in the Customer Zone [link] login and select “Email Migration” as the ticket type, it will allow you to get into the queue – it is first come first serve, but as one of the side notes, this changes how your email operates – there will be some server name changes, as well as DNS changes which may take up to 24 hours to propagate – if you have any questions or concerns please note them in your migration ticket.

Lastly this is free – this is no promo or “FOR ONE YEAR!” this is FREE, if you should ever need additional email storage, that can be purchased but you will always have a FREE allotment of 5GB of storage at NO COST once you have requested it!

Now this week is another chance for 2 people to win a MEGA package from FlockHosting, this week is played a bit different, to enter – follow/friend FlockHosting on Twitter or Facebook – if you already are? You are already entered to win! To make sure I know your name, update your profile in the customer zone noting your usernames for Facebook and Twitter (Friends/Family are excluded to be fair).

Have a BLESSED Weekend Everyone!

First Promo, Late – but here!

My apologies for the delay in the posting of this, I had hoped to get this online sooner, but it has been busy around here for me! But better late than never! Remember 10% of all proceeds are being donated to the Hands and Feet Project!

This promo is 15% off any service purchased for a year, so if you pre-pay for a year you get 15% off the price, that’s for the new email service and the new hosting packages! It can only be used once per customer (open to customers New & Old!) so give it a whirl, at check out use code CO15FOR12 – this is valid until 10/31 or 25 uses, so please don’t delay!

Crazy October & Email Migrations!

More news from the wonderful world here @ FlockHosting! Crazy October is BACK! This year will mark the return of the Crazy October Specials! Going up this Friday, they will be valid for the entire month of October!

In addition this year I will be donating 10% of all accounts added (promo or otherwise) starting on Friday to go towards the Hands and Feet Project – I have worked with them in the past, and I am happy to donate 10% of earnings towards their ministry there!

Next on the docket is email, some users are getting a taste for the new enhanced email system – and now I am happy to announce free data migrations are possible! So if you are a email packrat (like myself) pick a size that works for you, and your off and running! Just open a ticket asking for a email migration after you make your order, I’ll send you a file you can open in Excel/OpenOffice/GoogleDocs and put in your current information, and your NEW information, and your off and ready to go.

So more to come with some great Crazy October Specials! Be sure to watch the Facebook & Twitter accounts for even more random deals!