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And the winners are….

So ten years, and a month of fun have led us all to this post – the winners – two ways you can find out the winners and do a dance for friends, family, random strangers is as such, #1 Watch the Video, or #2 Scroll past the video and read the names and prizes. The choice is up to you!

So the official winner list is:

  • Robert H. – Kindle Touch
  • Mike S. – AppleTV
  • Joseph M. – Tuts+
  • Victoria M. – $25 Amazon
  • Jeff S. – $25 Amazon
  • Brenten G. – $25 Amazon
  • Uta M. – 1 Yr Hosting
  • Chris M. 1 Yr Hosting
  • David L. – 1 Yr Hosting
  • Dell L. – 10 Yr Hosting

Ten Years, Ten Prizes, Ten Winners. Thanks to ALL who joined in the fun, who took the time to play the games, win some credits, prizes, and more! More fun things are coming this year, if you skipped the video, please take a minute and watch my silly mug talk about a few things, but too stay tuned to the blog and the YouTube Channel for more videos, more news, and just more and more of FlockHosting growing!

Thanks again everyone, truly blessed to host your websites, and honored that many of you call me Friend! Take Care and Have a Blessed Week!

And the winners are….


Thankfully this isn’t American Idol, and I’m not going to goto commercial break each time I start a sentence 🙂 So the winners are….

Facebook: Joe M.

Blog: Katie K.

Twitter: Brent G.

Honorable Mention: Jeff S.

Yes, an honorable mention! I really liked Jeff’s dream feature of:

Some form of training: taking your website from good to great (something like that).

Stellar idea! I love the other suggestions and rest assured, they are now on my radar! So thank you to everyone who posted to each site! So this leads of course as I am sure some of you skipped this by now to say “What are the prizes?!!?!” Well right after this comm… Oh I kid!

Facebook: Roku 2 XD (1080p) – Great Media Device!  (Link)

Blog: Kindle (Wifi)  – For read-a-holics! (Link)

Twitter: iPod Nano (8GB) + Watch Band – A sleek watch with Music & Apps! (Link)

Honorable Mention: $25 Gift Card to Amazon.com

So once again, thank you to everyone who joined in the fun, you prizes will be sent out no later than the 15th of May (Likely Sooner) just a lot of things to ship! But Congrats, and be sure your address is up to date in the customer zone to be sure you get the package properly!

Lastly, be sure to get your entries in for the last big giveaway! You never know when there will be additional surprises! If you want your name in the hat a few more times be sure to check out the blog post – remember this is for fun! Enjoy! Share! Celebrate! All entires can be entered up until 11:59pm (Pacific) on Monday – drawing will be Tuesday and announced by Tuesday Evening! So hop to it!

Have a GREAT weekend! And thank you all so much for being part of FlockHosting and sharing this celebration of 10 Years!

Customer Appreciation – Week One.

Another year has come, the weeks have arrived – the weeks where I don’t blab on and on about what FlockHosting has done this week, talk about server upgrades, outages, or hiccups – but rather where I talk about how I appreciate customers! For years you have all blessed me with your business and I can’t say thank you enough!

This year is a little different than years past – so let’s start off with the usual, the first giveaway, which is sponsored by Mike Shreve & The Tabernacle [website] since 2009 Mike and TheTab have been with FlockHosting and it’s been a great time! Mike is always brainstorming new ideas and coming to me with them, and makes for a great conversation and building new ideas for hosting and managing their website and feature refinement on FlockHosting servers! Not just his own!

So today’s gift on behalf of Mike and The Tab – all accounts are getting 2 things:

#1 – 250MB of Additional Storage, and 3GB of additional Bandwidth


#2 – $5 off discount for a friend/business/family member or yourself! Use the code CAMW15 – and it will be applied to your order!

Now onto part 2….. [cue mysterious music…]

For the entire month every day you can entire to win a big giveaway at the end of the month – the prizes include:

  • One Lucky Winner: Amazon Kindle (Wifi/3G) + $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Two Lucky Winners: 1 Year of FlockHosting Service
  • Three Lucky Winners: $15 Amazon MP3 Card
  • Five Lucky Winners: FlockHosting Mousepad, T-Shirt, and Pen!

So how? Wha? Who? This is different than last year, over $400 in goodies to give away! How do you enter? Quite easy, once a day you can enter here [link], you can also get a extra entry by signing up for the Forums, Following on Twitter or Like’ing on Facebook! So 3 entries + one each day, could win big! The contest is only open to current customers in good standing so make sure your email address is up to date on file!

The winners will be selected at the end of the month by random, winners will be announced here, and contacted by Email! So stay tuned! Exciting month to come!

One Last thing….

For those looking for the Church Hosting updates, they will be coming by Tuesday afternoon! So stay tuned!

Customer Appreciation Month – First Week!

So how do you say thanks to so many customers that have helped make your company what it is today? Well I don’t want it to be just freebies, I do want to take some time to note some people – if you want you can skip down, but I do want to introduce a few clients in these announcements who have really blessed me and thus in a way, they are the “Sponsor” of this week’s upgrade.

Today is Brenten Gilbert (aka theTRU) [Website] [Blog] – I met him originally thru CMCentral.com (if memory serves) he became a FlockHosting customer and has served as a test subject for new servers, been one to check in on Me, and one heckuva prayer partner when things are down and he patiently waits and lifts up me while hitting refresh.

I have been extremely blessed to have Brenten as a customer, but also as a friend – it is one of the things I love about a majority of the customers here at FlockHosting – most understand and realize that I am the staff/support team/etc. and customers like Brenten are truly a reason I do appreciate my customers, they are there in prayer, they are patient, and understand changes to improve benefit them!

So a BIG thanks to Brenten for being a blessing to FlockHosting all these years – looking forward to many many more! But in his honor all customers will receive tonight before 11PM (West Coast Time):

  • 500MB Additional Storage
  • 1GB additional Bandwidth
  • 5 Additional (Standard) Email Accounts
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • 1 Add-on domain

Please review your account in the next few days, if you have purchased additional resources and this accidentally lowers, please let me know! Going to simply push package upgrades across each server, so may miss a few adjustments here or there.

Now onto part 2 – I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook that there would be 2 lucky people getting upgrades, so here is what 2 people will get an upgrade to:

  • 4GB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 50 Databases
  • 10 Parked & 10 Add-on Domains

This will all be on the new server Praise – it is getting it’s final touches to tie it into the DNS system here at FlockHosting! Now before I mention how you get a chance to get this setup, I will note, you can enter for this not for yourself – I will be offering this as an upgrade for existing customers, your current bill stays the same, you just get this monster account – however, if your happy where you are, life is good, and things are great – there is a second option – you can donate this to a non-profit/church group for $100 a year – this is not a promotional price for this year only, every year for $100 it will renew, and the price remains the same (Plus next year’s customer appreciation day will add more resources free of charge!) so a fun deal!

To enter to win you have a few options:

  1. Post on Twitter using the tag #flockhost in your tweet and give 1 thing you like about the services @Flockhosting
  2. Post a comment on Facebook giving a short testimonial on why you like FlockHosting
  3. Post a comment here on the blog with either 1 thing you like, or testimonial.

You have 1 week to enter, all entries must be posted by next Friday at 12 noon,  I’ll announce the winners  in the next blog post for Customer Appreciation Month, to keep it random, all entries will be added to a database, random number generator will run twice and select a user ID assigned to those who entered, if you do not already make sure your customer profile is updated and you have the “Twitter Username” added if you are entering via Twitter, Facebook & The blog will use the email/name you enter with to lookup your customer information. This drawing is for FlockHosting customers only, not available to non-customers – however may not always be the same for next giveaways. 😉