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I Appreciate You!

canwetalkSo this year’s customer appreciation had a lot of plans in my head!  But sadly being sick, loss of a friend, and a surge in customers & work, I didn’t get to do everything I hoped. The month is wrapping up quickly and I haven’t had time to be promoter, support, and billing department all at once – so things didn’t get out like I had hoped! But I don’t give up! The Final 5!

#1. Saying it. Meaning it.

Some of you have been around mere days in reading this (Greetings New Church Hosters!) and some of you have been around over a decade! Thank you! FlockHosting has continued to grow, maybe not always a paid account to bring in revenue, but to get a Church online & message out there for the world to see? Awesome stuff! It’s growing daily, up to nearly 40 churches hosting sermons, email, events etc. all online at NO COST! That’s a blessing! Even talking to the associate pastor at my own church on Sunday he had a friend who could utilize the service and forwarded it on! God is good!

But I do mean it when I say I appreciate my customers, I don’t just type words, I have some of the best customers – sure there’s always the ones who feel they are too needy and are my “trouble” customer, but even those requests that come of “HELP! THE SKY IS FALLING!” I’m here and happy to help, and I am blessed even recently in rough days one customer reached out and made sure I was okay, another on the passing of Tim, let me know they were praying – FlockHosting is a blessing to me for sure, I mean it when I do say I appreciate you guys!

#2. Being a Resource!

Some of you know me, some of you do not – If you are the second who doesn’t, get to know me. I’m here to be a help and a resource to any and all FlockHosters – Not just the common “Hey Chuck My Email isn’t working! Help!” – That I can help with, but too helping with your website, if you need help in trying to accomplish something you’ve never done before. Just ask!

Secondly I’m a prayer junkie, if you need prayer for family, job, website, church, healing, you name it – I am here to help you when and where I can! Just open a ticket, check the communicate page or catch me on Live Chat and we’ll get you helped out!


big-heart#3. Fun Fun Fun

It’s true – I’m a junkie for promotions, I still want to have some fun here, and there is still some giveaways to go in this these final days of Customer Appreciation – so why not see who’s actually reading this and make a few little offers:

How do you enter? Well between now and month’s end, give a shout out to FlockHosting! How do you shout out? Simple – you can use hash tag #flockhosting or tag us on Twitter/Facebook using @flockhosting (on Facebook this will change into FlockHosting’s name) – You can too share our tweets, tell a friend about FlockHosting, spread the word and each day you get 2 entries counted – one for Twitter and One for Facebook – You can earn a 3rd by referrals to FlockHosting – but you have 7 days to get your name in the hat to win ONE of the various prizes listed above!

Each entry is your name in the hat, and randomly I’ll select winners for each of the above! But wait there’s more!

  • 7 – $5 Starbucks Gift Cards Still Up for Grabs (Blog Post)
  • 10 – $5 Hosting Credits Still Up for Grabs (Blog Post)

I am going to be working on some other fun FlockHosting goodies (Still need a t-shirt!) but stay tuned for more fun for the remainder of 2013, and too leading into 2014!


#4. CA-2014-p/b Package

This year I’m kicking in a package to all customers CA-2014-P (Personal) and CA2014-B (Business) – these are some special accounts, they take you off the standard packages, and double your hosting power!

Personal will see 2GB->4GB of storage, and a upgrade from 30GB->60GB of bandwidth, Business will see 3GB->6GB of storage and an upgrade from 40GB->80GB of bandwidth! Now these are special and will upgrade differently than what FlockHosting.com offers! So all current customers and any new customers through October will benefit from these upgrades – All at no additional cost, and no request! I’ll be done by month’s end with the upgrades!


#5. Being open to help!

One of the big things I’m going to wrap up this month with is accepting help. Some have said they want to help FlockHosting, and I’m going to put it out there, with your help we’re going to eliminate some hassles with FlockHosting, and begin to lay the groundwork for some new staffers to come on board in the 2014 business year! Marketing and Billing folks! I am looking to expand and get things even more streamlined to where I can work where I am most useful and bounce around if I need to!

So stay tuned for start of November to have our own little kick starter to really push to build up FlockHosting’s offerings including Church Hosting and enhancing the servers even more! So stay tuned on how you can be a part and lend a hand, but never fear – there are going to be great rewards with each level of help including the return of the Founder’s Club!  So if you’re looking for great deals or a way to give back to the community of users at FlockHosting, stay tuned! I’m dropping my pride and looking for help!



Wrap up!

Thanks for taking the time to read, hopefully you’ll join in these last bits of fun and giveaways, if not I’ll have a lot of multi-media devices 🙂 Thanks for being a customer, but do stay tuned – you know me, you never know what I have up my sleeve still! More to come – I’m still building a bigger and better FlockHosting!

FlockUpdate for September 2013

(Vimeo Alternative)

Show Notes

  • Thanks for Engagement Congrats!
  • Varnish Cache Slowly Deployed – Blog update when completed!
  • Church Hosting growing!
  • Continued Prayers for FlockHosting & Me
  • Kickstarter? Crowdsourcing? Maybe.
  • Donations Welcome
  • Tim settling in!
  • Church Hosting Be Good Stewards!
  • Keep your scripts up-to-date!
  • Updated Knowledge Base (More soon!)
  • Get in touch! Communicate with Me!
  • Stay tuned for Customer Appreciation Month!

Over the weekend…

So things are going going going with my engagement, we are talking dates & locations, I’m shutting down my apartment and heading to my parents, so this week is quite busy so I apologize if there are any delays in response. Church Hosting is a tad backlogged as I’m having to manually verify accounts as there has been some folks signing up for anything trying to sneak into FREE HOSTING! So I apologize if your account isn’t active yet, please be patient another batch going thru today!

UpgradesOnto Hosting Goodies – Upgrades. Over the weekend, all accounts were  upgraded to the most current Personal or Business packages – that means if you were on a super-duper-old package which was even $3.00 a month on a discount, and it had say 125MB of storage, welcome to the new packages already posted on FlockHosting.com!

Now this also means YOU KEEP your low rates, you don’t see an increase, if you were paying $3.00 for 125MB of storage, you’re paying $3 for the new 2/3GB of storage which is now standard for Personal/Business accounts – so enjoy the upgrade without the increase of cost!

Speed!Next up on the docket is Speed. It has been a long-term desire to really get the most out of FlockHosting servers, I always try to keep server population low, never packing a bazillion sites on 1 server, I don’t want even a small blog to feel the effects of a BIG site which bogs down a server! So I’ve always been looking for new and old  ideas which can help really keep a server running at peak performance even under heavy load, and that’s a project that’s run closely lately with projects for other customers who have servers of their own through FlockHosting, so its been a lot of learning lately while packing up my kitchen 🙂

Over the next 2 months all servers will be outfitted with a new technology or two, first on that list is Varnish (learn more) – I tried this setup out for nearly 2 weeks now on my own personal websites and the performance was rather amazing! I saw performance speeds increase by 5-10% -and- server load barely take a hit! So that means more sites on a single server and allow FlockHosting to grow more with its current hardware not just buying new hardware every time a server population is reached, I can raise the cap a bit more and get more websites per-server without running the risk of performance loss.

big-heartWhy the upgrades? I love my customers. I know customer appreciation is coming up, and that’ll be some fun as it is every year, but in the meantime I wanted to get some upgrades to you guys to say “Thanks!” – you guys have stuck with me through thick and thin, and this is a big transition in life for me, it’s a big commitment, and while I do have a life long commitment to Daisy as my soon to be wife, I do want to remind you guys, I’m not going anywhere.

So more is on the way, but your continued prayers for Daisy and I are always welcomed and appreciated – if you’re not sure what I’m talking about with engagement or Daisy, check out the last FlockUpdate for more information on all of that (warning has some mushy lovey-dovey stuff in it!) but more things are on the way, more things on the horizon that I want to make a priority within FlockHosting! So stay tuned! Good things enroute!

Fresh FlockHosting — Day 5: State of the Union

Continuing To Grow

If you’ve already watched the video you know some of the key things, however if you’re somewhere that doesn’t allow YouTube at the moment, the shorter (than the video by far) version is, I am asking for help.

For over a decade FlockHosting has done it’s best to be a help & blessing to those around us! I have had the blessing to talk to so many people over the years and be a help where possible, and I don’t want that to stop anytime soon! So I am hoping I can count on each of you reading to lend a hand and help out where you can!

There are a few areas I need your help, some of them have been outlined this week, things like using the Affiliate Program, Referral Cards, Facebook and Twitter – Help FlockHosting get the word out! But too for those who the Lord leads, maybe donating into FlockHosting a bit more above and beyond your monthly payment to help bolster things and build up areas that need a hand to make them a reality!

Things are continuing to grow here at FlockHosting – I hope you can help speed them along! Again I’d ask any and all customers/visitors/family/friends/etc. who are considering the idea of donating once the fundraising is up and online to truly take this to the Lord in prayer! I believe God is going to do amazing things with FlockHosting, and I just need some help to get there 100% so stay tuned! More is coming to the blog this next week on further how you can get involved & lend a hand!

Thank You!

I really mean it, thank you each for taking the time to stop in and watch the videos, read the blog posts! I know its not a short set of videos, and I know it is not maybe the easiest things to listen to as it can be technical and dry, but hopefully together we can truly take FlockHosting into a great 2nd half of 2013 and amazing things for our local areas very soon!

The Wild Week is Over!

After weeks of server outages, and lack of sleep…. I am happy to report we are migrated! What started this week with adjustments, and tune-ups to accommodate customers to other servers and ended with the new Church Hosting server online and all churches moved – I am feeling much better about where things stand.

To re-cap what’s happened this week:

  • Deployed Upgrades to our DNS Servers
  • Deployed Upgrades to Solomon
  • Light Tune-Up of Server
  • Removal of ASSP Spam Filtering from Solomon and Koinonia
  • Migration of Praise to Solomon
  • Migration of Koinonia to New Hardware

Most of this happened in the late night hours and tonight God was good and the transfer of Church Hosting zipped along quite quickly! So now we wait for things to settle.

I do want to thank everyone for their patience and prayers, I know not all customers were effected, but no matter the number of customers or churches, I want to strive to ensure things are running online and smoothly – so I pray these changes are indeed something that’ll strengthen uptime for months to come!

As always if any of this raises any questions you can always communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have! Catch me on Google Talk, Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, or even good ol Email 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend all! If you notice any problems with any of the recent changes on Koinonia or Praise, please contact me ASAP – the old server hardware will be shut down Tuesday.