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Network Spotty Update

Earlier today I posted across social media that some customers were experiencing outages, the data center identified this as being related to a network peer having massive issues, they were removed from the network and problems seemed to reduce.

A few customers have reported all clear while a new batch have reported some issues here and there, we have continued to investigate and it seems some of the DNS outages caused some hiccups on servers which have mostly cleared up – but if you are having any additional issues right now please take the following steps:

  • Reboot your computer.
  • Clear your browser cache.

These two elements seem to clear it up for most folks, if you still have issue after that please email me or open a ticket and provide your IP address so I can provide some more info to the network guys regarding these issues. If there are more updates I will be posting them here – come back occasionally if you want more updates.

The Outage… Oi!

Where to begin? Firs things first: All Services are now 100% online.

Where we stand:

Here’s where we are with things right now:

  • Chuck is Incredibly Tired (and a little bit hungry)

The outage has brought about some interesting things, though:

  • Increased followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Huge increase to the trouble ticket list (largest ever in 10+ years!)
  • Clients were updating their details.

So one bad thing, three positive things. God’s got it all figured out.

Where we are going:

Outages are never fun, and you can plan and plan and plan some more. However, things like a data center wide power outage aren’t something planned for. The current provider has had problems with power in the past (back in 2014) but since has been stable.

Now I’m not a fan of just running when something goes wrong. I mean we serve God. He’s all about forgiveness and redemption! So forgive and forget right? Right. But that does not mean I will stay at the full capacity I have been.

Grace and Church are the two remaining stragglers, it’s been part of my plan for a while now to move them, and I’ve already got server hardware delivered. Biggest servers yet.

The Plan:

Migration. I’ll post more once I have a tad more rest under my belt. The long-term goal is to move Grace and Church sooner than later. Now with next to nothing in sleep for well over a week I need rest. So if I can wing some rest soon, I’ll work likely one or the other this weekend or next.


I’ve been blessed with amazing customers. Go ahead, high five yourself from Me. While I do understand those customers who are frustrated (you are no less awesome) are upset because they are using hosting services and they are down, I appreciate all of you for sticking it out.

As always, I own up to this, as a one man show I could say “Oh the datacenter dropped the ball! Wasn’t me!” but let’s be honest. I chose this company. I placed your sites on these servers, they failed. That’s my bad. I chose to forgive and forget but I must build things back up and keep them stable.

I am going to do more, and do some contests with some prizes as well as my way of saying thanks – the cool thing is all active and current customers are entered! So hang tight, by FlockUpdate time in a few weeks I’ll have more on that and more about stabilizing everything.

Thank you all for sticking with me! Appreciate everyone’s support! Hopefully we’ll have all things cleared up very shortly!

Time to spruce up for fall!

work-n-manIt’s time to do some server work – going to be doing some adjustments & upgrades

  • FlockHosting Customer Zone (https://secure.flockhosting.com) – Migration
  • FlockHosting Knowledge Base (http://kb.flockhosting.com) – Migration
  • Solomon Server – Storage Upgrades


The migrations are long overdue, needing to get some new hardware powering these services properly – As for the storage upgrade, I was blessed by the datacenter with some free additional resources! So going to be applying these to Solomon!



Today I will begin with the Knowledge Base, a pretty quick and easy transition, this will migrate the entire site over – no content will be added until the site has fully migrated, the server upgrades to Solomon should take about 15 minutes and should DOUBLE the storage on Solomon allowing for some more growth!

The Customer Zone will not migrate until Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning, after the nightly run of maintenance the Billing & Support systems will be placed into maintenance mode, this will allow the data to be migrated to the new server without change.


What do I do?

Not much you need to do, if you find yourself in need of support simply check the communicate page (http://www.flockhosting.com/communicate) for ways to get in touch, email is likely your best bet, I’ll be monitoring Live Chat, Google Talk and Facebook if you need any help or support during this outage.


Wait… What?

Unsure? Have a question? Send me a note! Ask away, if you’re not sure what any of this means or if it applies to you please let me know! Happy to help!

The Wild Week is Over!

After weeks of server outages, and lack of sleep…. I am happy to report we are migrated! What started this week with adjustments, and tune-ups to accommodate customers to other servers and ended with the new Church Hosting server online and all churches moved – I am feeling much better about where things stand.

To re-cap what’s happened this week:

  • Deployed Upgrades to our DNS Servers
  • Deployed Upgrades to Solomon
  • Light Tune-Up of Server
  • Removal of ASSP Spam Filtering from Solomon and Koinonia
  • Migration of Praise to Solomon
  • Migration of Koinonia to New Hardware

Most of this happened in the late night hours and tonight God was good and the transfer of Church Hosting zipped along quite quickly! So now we wait for things to settle.

I do want to thank everyone for their patience and prayers, I know not all customers were effected, but no matter the number of customers or churches, I want to strive to ensure things are running online and smoothly – so I pray these changes are indeed something that’ll strengthen uptime for months to come!

As always if any of this raises any questions you can always communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have! Catch me on Google Talk, Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, or even good ol Email 🙂 Have a GREAT weekend all! If you notice any problems with any of the recent changes on Koinonia or Praise, please contact me ASAP – the old server hardware will be shut down Tuesday.

Good News Everyone!

big-heartSo part of what I’ve been working on is really firming up infrastructure, and sadly the issues with Koinonia & Praise took a priority to building, but as things are calming down, I am working to do some upgrades! First on the docket are 3 key servers namely:

  • fh1.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • fh2.flockhosting.com (nameserver)
  • solomon.flockhosting.com

I’ll be doing some rolling reboots of each of these servers, downtime should be incredibly minimal, with FH1/FH2 – one will be taken down while the other holds the DNS traffic, then after FH2 is back, FH1 will follow suit with a slightly longer outage as I am migrating it quickly to another piece of hardware – but this will actually take place tonight but no customer should see downtime, just possible slight lag, but hope to keep it minimal.

Solomon will actually be upgraded Tuesday Night (3/19) /Early Early AM on Wednesday (3/20), wee hours of the morning to prep for a few folks from Praise making the move over, but should be at worst 1 hour downtime as some new hardware is added on including upgraded CPU, storage and just a hint more memory 🙂 Should make room for the 3 accounts coming to live on Solomon and not decrease any performance, to any other customers.

If you have any questions about any of this, leave a comment or always feel free to communicate with me any questions/concerns you may have!