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New Customer Portal, New Special

Earlier this evening the newsletter went out giving some details of the latest things happening here at FlockHosting, if you missed it, it’ll be posted after the break – but the two big things are the new Customer Portal & The upcoming Specials.

In 1 week (10/10/07) – new specials will be posted each day till the end of the month (excluding weekends) – the special is limited to the day, and each will be a one day deal, fear not current customers, each day will offer two specials of which you can take advantage of, one will be a optional upgrade for your current package, the other a new package for a new hosting project – so stick around, each day they will be posted here.

If you missed the newsletter click the link below and it will be displayed – stay tuned for more updates!

The Newsletter:


Things have been busy around here at Flockhosting, and while the website may not seem overly active, it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that is really shaking things up!

I do want to apologize to all customers for delays in responses to tickets, slow email replies (sometimes I have forgotten to reply as well) – just been working to enhance the backend of services offered, and making sure that with the growth that has been seen the last 6 months, that for the next 6 months services will continue to be operational and affordable to you the customer – so my deepest apologies, we are on a upswing now, thus the newsletter — So without further delay, here is the latest happenings @ FlockHosting!

New Billing System

“More Control” it’s the most requested thing folks want when it comes to the billing system, and so I have been looking around the ol Internet for something that gives me the control I need to manage folks accounts properly, but also gives you the freedom to upgrade, downgrade, open tickets, review the knowledge base, PDF printable invoices, and gives integration for more payment methods (including Google Checkout), including the addition of Discover and American Express cards, which for a long time has been desired by some of the business customers.

This process will not be quick sadly, it will be a transition over a month, it is going to require a full audit of the billing system as it stands, as well as the slow switch of the Trouble Ticket system, allowing it to be integrated into one location, so no more logins for billing & another for support, it is one login, and you can get things done all from the login on FlockHosting.com – no more separate URL’s, you goto FlockHosting for all your support, billing, and further services needed.

Over the next month you will get a note with a login to the new billing website, the URL is https://secure.flockhosting.com – I do ask that if your making a new order, please use the existing system, but if you have been moved over, please make sure to do all upgrades/downgrades, etc. via the new system – also keep an eye there for new additions to the knowledge base, several Mac based tutorials have been made, Windows XP/Vista ones are on the way, same with Linux!

FlockHosting Blog

Producing tips, service notices, specials, and customer website highlights, the FlockHosting blog will serve to be a steady line of communication between myself and you, allowing you a ease of comments on upcoming changes, occasional polls/surveys on how things can be improved, and of course how you can get the most out of your services with FlockHosting.

Most notable is the new post on a certain promotion each year that I missed last year, but is back .. Crazy October will be announced in the next few days, so head in, and subscribe to the RSS feed! (http://www.flockhosting.com/blog/)

New Services

Staying one step ahead is always a difficult road here, finding companies to partner with to provide great services, as well as companies who provide us with the bandwidth that power the servers and keep things running smoothly with the hardware that hosts the websites, before year’s end the following services will be added:

  • Unlimited Streaming Support for Churches (Sorry, only Churches at this time) – This will merge into video long-term, but for starters will be Audio based for sermon archives.
  • Enhanced Spam Filtering – In testing right now on several domains the internal spam filtering will be replaced with a new more robust external system to allow greater mail stability & filtering (less spam/no viruses)
  • Windows Based Hosting (ASP/mSQL) – Easy, quick, we also are hoping to be deploying the consistent user control panel of cPanel which is also working on a Windows release, so the user experience via the Control Panel remains consistent.
  • Microsoft Exchange Services – Many business customers have requested this in hopes to roll their Webhosting & Enhanced email services into one package, before year’s end there will be several packages as well as Al La Carte options for all your Exchange needs!
  • Server Upgrades – Over the next few months (starting in October) all servers will be getting a Memory upgrade for starters, and in first quarter of 2008 all storage systems will be overhauled to ensure system drives are upgraded and using the latest drive speeds/tech.

And that’s just the short list of things actively being deployed, but there are many more things in the wings, as well as the release of limited edition “Founders Club” members, so stay tuned! More on the way!

Domain Name Changes

Earlier this year ICANN the organization that controls domain names and who can resell them pushed out a notice that all providers must increase costs by 7%, and so over the last few months I have been waiting for the final pricing to come down from the registrar used @ FlockHosting, and the pricing has come out and we are looking at a $1 increase, so as of October 4th, all domains both new and old will have a price of $11/year for service.

I do hope that by 2008 to get it back down to $10 a year if it all possible, so be in prayer!

Billing Terms

One last thing I wanted to cover is the billing terms of services here at FlockHosting – several customers have gotten upset with me in regards to their yearly bills – to clarify services with FlockHosting are all done so on a re-occurring basis, so if you sign-up for a year, in 1 calendar year your account will re-bill the card on file – automatically.

I am working to create “Pre-Paid” services, but that is a month or so off, so please pay attention to your invoices that come in and be sure to note the renewal date, and if you want to sign-up for a domain for a year for say a conference “chuckfest2007.com” that will be for a single year only, email me directly before ordering, or after you order, open a ticket and request that it be canceled after 1 year, and I will make the proper adjustments to your billing profile.

To those of you who have gone past and already paid for a year, please contact me, I am happy to extend you hosting for the remaining value of your hosting, but at this time to keep costs low, refunds are not possible.


So there it is, some information to take in, and more will come, I hope with some of the recent changes to make this a monthly newsletter, or at the very least quarterly – the Blog will stand-in however as the constant flow of updates and tips, so please be sure to check the blog out now and again!

Have a Blessed October Folks!

God Bless,

Chuck Brown
FlockHosting (www.flockhosting.com)