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New Servers (This Month!)

Well God is Good – some things have come around and it looks like the server moves and upgrades are coming sooner than expected! Some great deals have been worked out and as some customers have helped me test, were moving to some really fast housing!

I am working out all the final details of the servers, and prepping to get software all configured and online for the move – but some details on the move include as originally planned 8-Core systems (2 x Clovertown 4-Core CPU’s), also winged some great hardware in the hard drive dept. 4 drives in a RAID-10 Configuration, and all the latest and greatest that cPanel has to offer as well, and I am working on one possible change in regards to Fantastico, but working out the budget on that – and I’ll have more on Monday!

So lots to plan for, lots to do, some hardware should come in and online tonight, and I’ll get to configuration and installation, and quite possibly as soon as next weekend there will be some migrations! So stay tuned here, and be sure to check your email next Monday for updates on the moves – but for customers on Faith, the upgrade is still on for tonight, so keep an eye on your website, and if you need any help please open a ticket for more assistance.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!