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Faith Outage

I do apologize for the outage this morning, the team at the datacenter worked to try and resolve the problems as quickly as possible – sadly the issue wasn’t as clear-cut as one would hope in getting a server back online, several solutions were tried and seemed to work briefly – thus why some of you may of noticed things come back online, only to go offline again.

The latest fix appears to be the ticket, they of course as well as me are watching the issue closely – I do apologize for not putting information up on the outage as it happened, last night after a few months of mixed sleep, I got to sleep early, and apparently deep enough to sleep thru alarms going off that a server was down – thankfully I do have a team who keeps an eye on the servers and they were working on it even then, just no way to throw you guys updates.

I do appreciate the continued patience of folks as these moves/hardware issues have happened – I am very blessed with some amazing customers! If you have any questions about the outage or are having ANY problems, as always feel free to open a ticket.