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Performance on Praise

The real test of a new server build is putting people on said server, and seeing how it ticks. For the most part very few issues! (PTL!) but some minor performance things have hit lately, and putting in some fixes here and there – few more tune ups should be expected but I am going to try and keep as many brief as possible, one requires a rebuild of some services to adjust things – which *may* take upwards of an hour of downtime to perform – working on a realistic time table for that one, but it’ll be late night & a weekend, so stay tuned.

Tonight’s should be quick and painless, around 11PM (PDT) server will be rebooted to put some changes into place, if all goes as planned (and that’s what I’m praying for) outage should only be 5-10 minutes – but should something go differently than planned – I will post an update here with more info on time-frames. Stay tuned with more – even if all goes as planned, I’ll post an update here!

[UPDATE:] Praise is back online! No issues – part two of enhancement is a little longer winded, more details will follow but for now – server is back online hopefully these tweaks will help level everyone out. Thanks for your patience and prayers!