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Year End Review + 2011

Year in Review

So a year in review – short and sweet – I think I woke up after a break, FlockHosting is coming up on it’s 10 year anniversary in 2012 – as a one man show it has been quite the journey but I think I coasted and napped a little for a year or two in there really just trying to survive and keep my sanity 😉 but this year things have been moving!

With a website rebuild brought some new pricing options which really sort of flopped with everyone except churches, which was a blessing to me to offer a set of great deals to Churches out there, but I am going to kick that up a notch with the rebuild going on now, I want to continue to bless Churches, offer them more! (more on this in the 2011 section) – but the same for folks just wanting to have a site, more resources, affordable prices, and steady flow of deals!

New Backend Software – things on the cPanel interface have been improving both in speed, functions and features – this year has seen some great improvements to the backend, speed has improved, but also adding in Installatron and Softalicious – both offering some great auto-install scripts to get your website up and online.

Customer Appreciation Month – this was another big blast for me, getting to really bless those who have really blessed the heck out of me over the years, some of these folks have been with me since the first year, but each customer is a blessing and it was great to give out some great upgrades, still rolling them out – but looking forward and actually already planning next year!

Lots of little things in the background, some things just this past week like a mobile app designed for the billing system which actually lets me deal with orders, tickets, etc. all from my phone! So I can respond to your tickets, process new orders and deal with some issues on the road! And some new things in the works for….


A new year, a new push. With 2011 some new features are on the way – such as auto-deployment – this may not be a feature every customer goes “Woohoo!” over – but some of my designers who handle hosting for their customers – but what will happen is any current customer who has a need for a new site/domain, even upgrades – will happen automatically! I am still working on the clean-up of accounting and servers to allow this better – but its been a long time coming, vs. waiting for me 🙂

Servers will be coming back, over the last 3 years I have had some requests for custom servers again, well for starters going to offer some VPS options which for most customers I’ve had work just peachy with, but they will be coming back to have the option for having your own server to host maybe your 100+ sites, or run a single high-traffic website that needs even more resources, so that will be coming back in 2011.

Customer Zone Re-vamp – the knowledge base has been one thing that maybe even before 2011 will be re-launched as a Wiki, some ground work has already been done to get it up and running, and its looking good – even talking with a few companies who offer video tutorials and seeing if I can possibly afford some video walk thru’s to help speed setup for new customers or some quick training for current customers.

Secondly I hope to make the Customer Zone Easier to navigate, there have been constant issues with finding ways to upgrade/downgrade/cancel – I want to make those options all easily accessible.

Domain Name Options – In the past FlockHosting has registered domains on behalf of customers, I started small, and didn’t have a way to EASILY allow customers a way to own the domain other than buying it – well now thats of course different but legacy customers will have the domains transfered into their control and asked to update your information, but for customers who want the same privacy there will be an option for Private Registration for a small yearly fee like other companies offer.

Design Options – I plan to open a on-site portfolio for any hosted designer with FlockHosting, but not just for web – I hope to include print work too! I want to offer any customer coming thru FlockHosting easy options for getting online, and for most when there is a re-build of a website there is a re-print of cards/letterhead/etc. I host some great designers who have done some amazing work in all things design – so I look forward to providing current and new customers with an easy way to get up and running!

On the other side of that I do hope to also provide some options for those in a major budget crunch with some templates, resources, and tools to manage their website on their own – I want to be sure there are options for folks!

Just a taste…

So that’s a demo of what’s to come, I am also praying about adding on a staffer to help with tickets and such, but adding an employee is a big move, so definitely praying about it! Again though I do want to say a major thanks to all customers for their patience and their business over the last couple of years! It has been great and I am hoping to continue to improve it more and more as we enter a new year and hopefully a few more things before this year’s end 🙂

So stay tuned, thanks for tuning in on this Saturday! Hope you have a blessed Weekend!