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Growth is Good! FlockHosting is in a growth spurt, I am pushing forward in faith that God has amazing things planned! So today (a day late) I am happy to announce the new Community Forums & Site Builder Tools!

Community Forums

Using the software “Vanilla Forums” I have setup a small forum for customers to come and fellowship and learn in – it is all done over a secure connection, which will make it easy to offer maybe more “sensitive” help it can be done over a secure connection – eventually I hope to have it tied into the trouble ticket system to convert questions -> Knowledge Base/Tickets.

The Community I hope to also offer and announce deals, offers, and things from 3rd parties which may help with your websites! Also I hope a true community will form and users will share their knowledge/tips/trick to help with websites! You can sign-up quick and easy using Facebook, and I hope you join in the fun!

Site Builder

The most requested feature for years at FlockHosting, and it’s finally a reality! RVSite Builder will be across all servers by weeks end! RVSite Builder integrates with cPanel to offer you options to manage your website using one of 900+ Templates which can create over 4,000+ unique designs (various colors/layouts).

Some options to choose from, and regular updates too! I’m going to build out some screen casts in the very near future after Church Hosting is up and online to better show you the process of using the tool, in the mean time I hope you login to cPanel and give it a spin as it’s deployed this week! If you have questions drop by the forum or live chat for further help!