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Server Work & Upgrades

The server Praise came along in the first Customer Appreciation Month, it was a big part of the promotion for that year, and customers on board have had a slew of resources thrown out at them since that time, well it’s going to remain for those winners always! No additional accounts will be added, it’s for those winners, and next year I hope to do similar!

However it is a year later and some maintenance is coming up as well as increase to Storage, Memory and Processor – most other servers have had upgrades this year allowing for fun free upgrades as well as the Good Stewards Program to take hold, so its time for Praise to do the same, first thing first, some important upgrades, which unavoidably will take about 2 hours to process as they are some CORE upgrades to Network and Hardware + Build in some support for IPv6 so when it comes thru FlockHosting is ready!

So Praise will go down at November 6, 2011 at 9pm for about 2 hours (3 hours max) – So date one to mark, November 6th at 9PM – now to follow up is the upgrade of resources, to avoid weekend after weekend of late night downtime (I do like to sleep too!) November 20th at 9PM I will be upgrading Disk Space, CPU and Memory for the server, should give it a bit more pep and allow for all users on Praise to get an improvement on speed and more resources should you have a big website you need to deploy!

So Mark your calendars:

  • November 6th 2011 @ 9PM – 2-3 hours for Network and Hardware Upgrades
  • November 20th 2011 @ 9PM – Hardware Upgrades for Memory, CPU and Disk Space – Biggest Time factor uncertainty is Drive Upgrade, blog will be kept up-to-date with Progress!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!