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02-28-12 = 32! (Trust me it does!)

So you showed up, and are saying “So what’s this fun?” well for folks who have been waiting for that “DEAL” to come around today is the day, but the real question is “Why is Chuck bad at math?” I mean obviously its -38, or if adding 42 – so really – why is that math equate to 32?

It’s my age.  đź™‚ And thus to celebrate my 32nd birthday – 32% off of Personal and Business Hosting for all new accounts! An amazing savings! Works on all years of service, you want 3 Years? Save 32%! All you have to do is use the code BDAYBOY32!

Oh but wait, current customers there’s an option for you to get in on this too! A separate code of BDAYBOY32-25 will work for two secret plans for both the Personal and Business accounts that can be pre-purchased for your account at a 25% discount! I have setup the packages for 1 year of service for each package and you can order extra if you have a few hosting accounts (as some of you do) each qty you purchase is 1 year of pre-paid service, throw in the code and you get 25% off! Your account stays as-is, and your next due-date will be updated to reflect an additional year of service before your next billing!

Now if your not on the Personal/Business plans but on the legacy plans, you can still sign-up for this promo, but your accounts will simply receive a credit for the total amount you were billed – so if you do Personal x 2 it should roll out something like this:

  • Subtotal: $108.00 USD
  • 25% One Time Discount: $27.00 USD
  • Total Due Today: $81.00 USD

So you get a $81 credit applied to your hosting package, and even if your billed monthly, that $81 will slowly be used to pay your hosting bill! But there isn’t a limit to the savings you can have compared to new customers only able to go up to 3 years! So if you want to pre-pay for a few years you are more than welcome to, just put in a QTY you’d like, update the total, put in the promo code and your good to go! One warning, there are no refunds on this, it’s pre-paying so the amount will be applied to your account, so choose your amount wisely!

Other fine print? Limit 1 use per account, on either code – and only 16 uses per code – so don’t delay! New accounts will be created as they come in, current customers may have a 72hr window before credits are applied (I have to have time for cake!) and last but not least, this promo ends the 29th!

So the recap:

  1. New Customers – BDAYBOY32 – 32% off your new order!
  2. Current Customers – BDAYBOY32-25 – 25% off pre-purchase hosting time!
  3. Good for 16 uses per code
  4. Promo Ends 02/29/12


Not for you? Tell a friend! Great time to get hooked in! Hope you guys enjoy the birthday savings! They come around but once a year! Hope they are helpful!

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