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Your Data is Important – Let’s Keep It Safe!

Backups are usually the thing that folks think about AFTER the worst has happened – after you realized that “Doh! I didn’t hit save on the Word Doc! My Term Paper!!!!” you wish that you had saved, you had backed up to that Thumbdrive – Worst happens sometimes but I am wanting to be even more prepared!

Starting this week across all servers I will be deploying ADDITIONAL backup systems to the already deployed solutions across the fleet, the new redundancy includes:

  • Regular Database Backups — Why? I currently do nightly and in the server images I capture the entire server including databases, but I wanted another layer, slowly coming live this week every 4 hours (6 times a day) your databases will be backed up and sent off-site. Time Stamped and Compressed and kept for 30 days – so if you need to roll back, we can roll back!
  • File Level Backups — Currently your site is packaged and saved, all the settings and functions/features are archived and sent off site, which can make recovering a couple of files time consuming and hard to nail down! So going to begin making all servers do incremental backups with revision capability (aka several versions will be saved!) and they’ll be uncompressed and easy to get to vs. unpacking, digging thru and finding what you need!

So why the additional backup? Well I do dedicated servers for various companies and design firms, and in working with them I have worked on some fun technology to provide a level of affordable backup and additional redundancy in data – and so I want to pass those same benefits to FlockHosting customers!

What do you have to do? Absolutely nothing. These features will be added to all servers, and in the event you need files/databases, for now simply make a request via Trouble Ticket – but I hope to have a few programmer friends lend me a hand with some programming and build out a system to gather your files safely & securely as you need without ticket is my dream!

Stay tuned more and more is coming as we slowly arrive at the 10yr anniversary in April!