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Customer Appreciation — Week 4 (Day 3)

So here we are at Day 3 – And what do I have in store? Oh some handy dandy upgrades – no matter the plan you are on, be it legacy, be it an APPRECIATE plan, or even one of the newest $5/$10 packages – everyone today is getting some upgrades!

  • 500MB Additional Storage
  • 1000MB Additional Bandwidth

But too if your on a legacy plan, sorry – you aren’t anymore on the server! All customers will be upgrading to one of the two standard plans based upon your current package setup! This won’t be a quick set of upgrades – since some folks are on LEGACY packages like the old Crazy October packages 🙂

Your billing – Remains the same! No changes, in the billing system you’ll have no changes, if your paying $5 now, you will be paying $5 still! Just the resources allotted to you will be updated to the modern plans and features, and this way you can grow with these packages as upgrades come around! (hint hint!)

So there you have it, your all getting upgraded! So keep an eye on your packages, while I’d like to inform everyone when they are upgraded, sadly you’ll simply just need to watch your account for the changes when you login to cPanel it will note a new set of quota limits and you’ll be good to go!

The Giveaway!

So yesterday for Day 2 I announced that there would be 3 Years of Hosting given away, and I know folks were skeptical, I mean 3 years of hosting there has to be a catch right? Nope – this is the real deal, were to be Cheerful Givers in this life – says in that linked scripture that God Loves it!  I don’t think that limits to the offering plate passed around on Sunday 🙂 Free Church Hosting, Great Giveaways like this, LOVE doing it!

I have read over the posts and must say some good stuff, and it was such a hard choice to make. So I didn’t make one…… I made 5 – as a thank you to all who participated and shared a story, a reason, or even just thanks for an opertunity for something they didn’t feel they deserved, or even my dear friend continuing her winning streak 🙂

Congrats to the following commenters:

  • Joseph
  • Victoria
  • Katie
  • Brenten
  • Lakeisha
  • Chuck (Just Kidding)

Joseph, I’ll be contacting you by the end of next week on organizing getting your brother online and operational – going to throw in a little bit of consulting too if you need it via Skype/Live Chat to help organize and get the site up and running if you need it – Victoria, Katie, Brenten and Lakeisha – You four will have $162 in credits applied to your accounts ($54 x 3 years) by the end of next week, and it will simply allow any and all services (including domains, yes I’m feeling wild!) to utilize those funds – as you each have various # of accounts/domains – this will allow you to have some savings across the board! If your a PayPal Subscriber contact me middle of next week, if you have a credit card on file, it’ll simply ignore your card and take credits till they are gone!

Now if you too have won and your now saying “Oh I want to be a cheerful giver too!” by next week I’ll be providing each of you with a $10 COUPON unique to you – this doesn’t eat at your credits, but cheerfully and joyfully give someone a gift, each will have 3 uses for 3 people, have a friend? Want to share it on your website? Pass it on. Share some savings with friends and family and enjoy the winnings yourself!

The week is NOT over folks! More goodies to come! Stay tuned for more giveaways coming, this is only day 3, still 4, 5, 6 and 7 🙂


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