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Cyber Monday Specials!

So everywhere you go today online there seems to be some CRAZY specials! Well – I figure why not, as I previously noted there would be some specials and while I had hoped to throw in a game, sadly today ended up being busy outside of the office, but now back and getting into things, scavenger hunt – not a BIG priority… I’ll drum up something fun for Christmas time, for now – DEALS! No Work! Just Deals!

Deal #1 – 50% off!

So without any heavy lifting you can get 50% off your bill, simply use the code “TURKEY-DINNER”  and your set! It’s a one time discount, meaning you buy 1 month – it’s 50% off, you buy 3 years, its 50% off! (~$81 for 3 years!) – doesn’t cover the domain, but hey – $11 for a  domain – your at under $100 for 3 years of hosting!

Deal #2 – 75% off!

Okay – why second? Why not just lead off with big discounts? Oh you know me, bigger and better 😀 same specifics as above, however just a larger % off 🙂 Use code “ITSLIKEFREE” and your off and running!

Side Note….

These are limited use codes, they are first come first serve and they all expire on Monday (one full week to use em) but there are limited number of uses! So don’t wait, use them today and enjoy the first 1 month -> 3 years of your hosting at steep discounts!

I still have some other things planned based upon folks who visit FlockHosting.com and say hello, or use any of the communicate options today, some random giveaways may happen! But for now going to be catching up on some more work on FlockHosting projects – so stay tuned for more! Happy Monday!

1 thought on “Cyber Monday Specials!”

  1. bummer. i don’t have any invoices active. I’d totally pounce on 3-year hosting for all three accounts at 75% off.

    Hope all’s well, Sir. I need to follow up with you about that date in an envelope prize, too, I guess.

    peace… love… bdg…

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