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Happy New Year!

So we are officially in 2013, and likely still starting to write in 2012 and then quickly going “DOH!” 🙂

Just writing a quick block post today to update on a few things, so hang with me for a brief minute, and we’ll cruise thru these things as quickly as possible!

Holiday Support

Thank you to everyone for your patience over the holidays for being patient with delays in support – it allowed me to have a great family vacation and get some much needed rest!

Support is back to full speed, always shooting for same day response, and Live Chat will slowly be back to 100%, this week I will also be rolling out the new Knowledgebase with some new video tutorials, and some new guides on training spam filters and more! So stay tuned!

Upcoming Quick Maintenance

While I had hoped to get the word out earlier, I have been working with the datacenter crew to get in some security patches to the core systems, but too sneak in some hardware upgrades with the expected downtime – however between planning & vacation, it slipped my mind to get out the notifications – and I do apologize for that hiccup, completely my bad, and now with a more rested brain here is the other upcoming maintenance windows – they will all occur at 10PM (Pacific) and last an estimated 1 hour:

Trogdor – Tonight

Homestar & Shepherd – Tomorrow

I do again apologize for the late notice, but the post upgrades servers are performing much quicker and hope the benefit will outweigh the downtime!

As always if you have any questions at all please just open a ticket, shoot me an email, or catch me on live chat – happy to answer any and all questions you may have!


2013 Check-In

It’s a fresh year and while I didn’t get out emails as I had hoped to all customers, that begins tonight – I will emailing each customer one by one to hopefully get some dialog back and forth on how Flockhosting can better serve you – but too, going to be using this to verify your contact email and let you know too how you can be in touch with FlockHosting if needed!

Too please take this time to update your contact information, if you’ve moved in the last year, changed a phone number, or changed your credit card – this is a great time to head over and get your information up to date. So hop on over to the customer portal and update your details, if your not sure how? This week releasing some WHMCS video tutorials on how to do common tasks in the billing system! So hang tight and some guides will be available!


Have an Amazing Week!

That’s it! More coming with the video update this month, going to actually start producing it in the coming days and actually get ahead of it vs. my usual last day sprint 🙂

As always, if you have any questions, “Can I ________?” or “Where do I go?” or even Prayer Requests – I’m at your service!