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FlockUpdate Special Edition!

The Promotion

For current customers only – That’s what I should of started the video off with – for others there will be a 33% discount option here this next week, but this deal is $200, it makes your monthly bill disappear, you’ll have hosting for life! But there are questions I’m sure! If you have one and don’t see it listed below, by all means visit the communicate page and send me your question!


  1. When will I get a chance? How do I sign-up? The first time will be Monday at Noon, I’ll announce each window on Facebook at Twitter, 1 day before, the 33 minute window will be opened and for the entire month only 33 spots will be around – once all 33 spots are taken, the promotion will end!
  2. I have 3 accounts with you, will this cover all of them? No. Sadly not, this is meant for 1 hosting account.
  3. I previously got my domain FREE with a year of hosting, do I continue that? Sadly no, as the yearly offsets the cost of the domain for me, and loosing a yearly rate, it doesn’t work for me, so your domain will be billed at the yearly rate of $11.
  4. What if you disappear? What if you die? What if….? All understandable questions – I promise this – I’ve been in business over a decade, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! I have already got commitments to customers for another 10 years, so I’ll take care of you, if anything changes I’ll do my best to keep you hosted!
  5. I’m a customer can I buy this for a friend?  Yes. Simply let me know you wish to do so, and what I’ll do is give you a unique link for your friend to get their hosting going at no cost to them, the $200 must be covered in your account.
  6. I want to buy 3 of these, can I? One per customer – again you must be a customer to take advantage of this promotion (For yourself or someone else).
  7. Come on Chuck, I don’t have $200! But I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! I know – it’s not for everyone, heck no one may take advantage, but I wanted to make the option – BUT – While I don’t want to discourage you, I will say there is something looming later this month for customers too – that will be up for grabs for all… not going to say what exactly but it is savingsful (its a word, but don’t look it up, dictionaries don’t have it) 🙂
  8. What’s the package size? The $10 a month package – and you’ll be up for any and all upgrades applied to it!
  9. I need more… More…. MOre…. MORE!  So let’s get you more – as always Good Stewards program is in effect, manage your space and take care of it, plus any yearly upgrades applied to the $10 package are yours! But if you REALLY REALLY REALLY need more? Additional Storage will be available in one time payments of $50 for a bundle of 1GB of Bandwidth and 1GB of Storage, so you need more and more and more, need less bandwidth and more storage (say email archiver) then I can always work out a fair balance with a custom quote.
  10. I have a server, can I use this? Sorry standard hosting accounts only, if I could wing a lifetime server at this rate, I’d do it too! Sadly just not possible (yet….)
  11. The time you keep announcing is when I’m away from the computer! Come on! I’ll be announcing options randomly, so there’s a chance you’ll find one, and I may leave it open for another version of 33 say 33 hours…. So keep tuned here!
  12. I have a question about this… Take a minute and use the communicate page and let me know what it is!

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