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Fresh FlockHosting — Day 4: Spreading the Word


Spreading the Word!

Our growth depends on spreading the word! I however can’t get the word out on my own, and need your help – new cards are in final proof phase (making sure Facebook is spelled correctly!) and ready to goto the printer to make 500 cards to hand out, and you just need to let me know how many you need! Take a look!


The codes are good for both Business and Personal, and the 15% discount works for any amount of hosting size! You can save on Monthly, Quarterly, etc., up to 3 years of service savings!

If you have some feedback on FlockHosting as your hosting provider, do take a minute to give FlockHosting your rating & referral here on the comments, Facebook Page or even Twitter – but too if you would like some of these cards once they goto print, post a note here and I’ll put you down, they’ll be in by the 15th, so by FlockUpdate time they should be ready to ship out!