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Change incoming!

Preview... Trouble is brewing… okay okay – not trouble, but change 🙂

I have been working on some changes to FlockHosting.com … and by some changes I mean a lot. If you look at this lovely screen shot you’ll note some changes to the menu which say “VPS/Dedicated Servers” – oh yes, new product line is FINALLY here! It’s been talked about, mentioned and now it’ll finally be a reality! A lot of things are being moved around to make room for new products, new offerings, and a fresh look to the website in general!

Too some changes are being written today to the Terms of Service / Hosting Agreement, minor spelling corrections, fixes of OLD billing system references, refining things like you CAN distribute copyrighted material, if you own it (seems fair right?) well some minor changes, but I’ll outline the differences for everywhere after it goes live!

I did miss a FlockUpdate podcast, but rest assured a fresh one is coming! I’ll be taking the mic and getting things recorded here soon for a catch-up volume including some news on this new look!

Other things coming is the FlockHosting Crowdfunding Extravaganza! (I know, a catchy title!) but the plan is to by the end of March have a fully functional site to allow folks to help fund FlockHosting’s plans to expand Church Hosting!

A LOT of good things are on their way – today is the LAST day to save 34% off your order! Be it a month, 3 months, 6 months, or 3 years – you pick the time frame up to 3 years and you get a 34% off! Not too shabby! Check Facebook for the coupon code! A GREAT offer for a limited time!

For now I’ll say have a wonderful day! Keep an eye out on Monday/Tuesday for some new goodies to look at!

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