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2015: State of Spam

spamSpam is a thorn in everyone’s side lately, even a long time customer of FlockHosting recently changed her email to have a auto-response of:

Because of excessive SPAM, I no longer monitor this email account. If you need to reach me, please call me at:

Oi! This shouldn’t be happening, but every system we’ve used thus far has failed many users, for some the ASSP script was too intense, while yes spam was pretty much non-existent, so was some of their legitimate emails, and it wasn’t always easy to get it out of the lock-up, and a few users had so much spam, it used up all of their storage! Filtering was good, but too many folks had issue.

I’ve also tried to get MailCleaner going which has done a LOT and as I posted last Thursday to Facebook and Twitter  there were two systems I was monitoring which was helping spam, the latest kid on the block is called MagicSpam (no it’s not providing you magical spam, it’s magically removing it.) – It’s a small investment to try and eliminate spam, already with one server (Grace) it’s knocking down a TON of spam since it’s deployment on New Years Eve I’m seeing about 2,847 pieces of spam blocked on average per day! Wow!

Now the big balance I’ve been trying to work on is a balance of filtering as well as user control, and this new setup is doing a pretty decent job, where it falls short SpamAssassin jumps in to help the last leg!  So hopefully this new configuration if by the start of February has been doing awesome, I may slowly decommission Cleaner, and simply opt for MagicSpam as a new standard on the fleet.

How’s your spam lately? Seeing more or less? Need help? Remember I’m but a email away! Get in touch with me today and let’s see how I can help you eliminate spam!