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FlockUpdate: December 2015


  • Weebly is here! Packages will be live on the site Monday! As well as a blog post for all the details of this new package!
  • 2015 is wrapped up! Giveaways should be appearing on Social Media & Newsletter here before year’s end!
  • Coupon Code on Monday for 25-45% off a 2-year deal!
  • Update, Update, Update! Help protect yourself from getting Hacked by doing some simple security:
  • Year End Audit! Going over all canceled accounts, overdue accounts, sites with expired domains will all be archived/cleared off. If you are unsure if you are up-to-date please login at https://secure.flockhosting.com to update your information and ensure you are paid up and good to go!
  • 2016 – Moving Forward! Let’s build. Let’s be seen! Banners, PDF’s and more coming very soon!
  • Thank You! So many of you who have donated to Church Hosting, given an occasional tip, and just being a customer! Thanks for being a part of FlockHosting in 2015!