FlockHosting Blog

Getting there!

While I did post the migration notes earlier today, I wanted to give some progress on things related to FlockHosting. Let’s be even more accurate… FlockHosting.com

It’s coming along! I’m not giving all the details away just yet, but after looking over the current site, it needs this done sooner than later! ¬†This new site will have much more updated information, and this shot of the homepage isn’t even complete – so stay tuned!

The current site touts things like “PHP5.x” Did you know you can run PHP7 with a few clicks of a mouse? Another big one is the “Read our statement of faith” – you know where that page is? Neither do I! Somewhere in the last 15 years, it disappeared! So it’s coming back into the new design! Lots to be patched up, cleared up, and cleaned up!

While the big thing right now is servers, once that’s done I’m back on the let’s grow band-wagon! Thank you all of you for your continued support of FlockHosting, for your patience in delays, and such this week – these migrations + daylight savings time did quite a number on me, and my sleep is upside-down-and-backwards! So bear with me after this weekend things should run a LOT smoother as we’ll be all settled in!