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The July FlockUpdate/Cancer Update

Show notes:

  • cPanel Changes: Per-Server pricing is changing, working on the companies we license cPanel from, the big price change would be about a $1/m add if you want cPanel – some of you may not even need cPanel! So that’s something that’ll be changing, again waiting on pricing! There are other options coming including systems like DirectAdmin & VestaCP – both would be provided free – but price changes will be sorted out, and I’ll provide a clear path moving forward.
  • Domain Pricing: The $11/year pricing is going to be changing in 2020, I am still working on the pricing changes, working to keep it simple, maybe $13/year if possible (for .com, .net, .org) – and I’ll also be adding some additional domain name options similar to .church.
  • FlockHosting.com Updates: Freshen up the site, freshen up VPS, etc. more coming soon!
  • LiveChat vs. Ticket: For support related concerns, email or ticket – ticket is always my best bet for you, but even if it is check in on me, ticket vs. Live Chat.
  • Squirrel Mail Retired: As this open source project has gone stale, cPanel has begun removing Squirrel Mail, so I do apologize for it disappearing – you can always utilize: https://webmail.flockhosting.com – A great interface called Rain Loop, works great!
  • Discussion Board: It has been around, but if you are a message board kind of person check out https://discuss.flockhosting.com/ – It’s a resource I check in on, and if you have spare time, feel free to post some helpful tools / tips if you have them!
  • FlockHosting Knowledge Base(KB): KB videos are going away, sadly the company that provides all the videos on there has decided to shut down, so videos will be disappearing, new fresh ones will be made slowly but surely, but cPanel’s built in help is pretty handy too.

Personal Update:

This one I’m not going to type it all up, but for the bulk of it listen starting around 15 minutes on the audio – but an addition is my white count has tanked and they started me on the shot for improving my white count, which when they said “May cause bone pain” I didn’t think it would be this bad. It’s miserable! So prayers are appreciated as we push my body to perk up as next Chemo treatment is the 22nd, so have to get it up soon! Continued prayers are appreciated!

Some links just in case you missed them:

Communicate Page: https://flockhosting.com/communicate/
Donate Page: https://crowd.flockhosting.com/
Original Cancer Post: https://blog.flockhosting.com/2019/04/the-flockupdate-ish/

Hope you are all blessed, again please don’t hesitate to reach out, just be patient in slightly longer response times!

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