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And then there was Lilly.

So as mentioned with Church hosting in an effort to really streamline things and avoid high costs of cPanel license changing, new hardware was being built out – well Church Hosting has gone over pretty well, actually improving performance, increasing storage, and making folks happy 🙂 So while we did hit some varied issues, all in all, it worked out!

Lilly and Grace are now up on deck, and it was going to be a tricky one – with Church Hosting all combined into 1 happy location but originally I had considered moving some folks to Moses, then others would goto a new server – however its all to a new server. Meet Lilly. Yes I am keeping the server name Lilly moving forward, and grace will merge in and function the same as Church Hosting, responding to both Lilly and Grace – as to minimize overall re-mapping links/email/etc. things will just work.

Now same as Church Hosting some of you do your own DNS – and the new IP will be:

This will start on Friday (10/11/19) @ 6PM when the migration starts, the goal is to move everyone over quickly, and get DNS in place and moved – so if you are doing your own DNS please be sure that you adjust the primary record to ensure you are pointing at the proper server. If you need help please open a ticket today and let me know how I can access your domain with the other provider and I’d be happy to help make the changes.

So if your domain is with FlockHosting or using FlockHosting’s DNS servers you are good to go! The server will migrate your DNS over without issue – the entire process should be incredibly quick and painless.

To recap – if you are on one of these servers:

  • lilly.flockhosting.com
  • grace.flockhosting.com

Your new server name will either stay or become lilly.flockhosting.com – the change requires nothing from you if you are using FlockHosting DNS – and it should hopefully go super quick and easy! If anything changes or adjust I’ll post again mid-week and leading up to the migration! Prayers are appreciated for sure, going to be a busy week for me as Chemo starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday if all sticks to plan on that side of things – so busy busy! Stay tuned and watch for a post to the discussion forum with a running update on the day of and following of issues which are being resolved.