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November/December Update

Show Notes:

  • PHP Default from 5.6 -> 7.0 – This change has been discussed and will be on dock for January 1, 2020 – this will ensure all sites are at a more modern PHP, now old PHP’s will always be accessible via cPanel using PHP Selector, but for anything 7.0 and above? Check out the MultiPHP options included within cPanel.
  • New Security – All servers have been upgraded new a new security platform and it’s running amazingly! If you listen to the show it breaks down some numbers which are just impressive for 7 days, and it’s been doing a great job of finding and stopping infections, blocking attacks, and lowering load overall! It’s a real blessing! More on it in the coming months!
  • One more Blog Post this year wrapping it up – but this is likely the last audio post thus the November/December option – but 2020 is going to be a big one!
  • The remainder is on Cancer and too how you can support FlockHosting if you wish to do so you can always give via https://crowd.flockhosting.com – or – if you have a project or side job for me, please get in touch via chuck@flockhosting.com or the communicate page https://flockhosting.com/communicate/

Thanks for taking the time to listen or at least read the notes, hoping to have this in a newsletter within a week too for those who don’t always track the blog.

Have a Blessed 2019! Looking forward to an amazing 2020!