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October FlockUpdate + Cancer Update

Show Notes:

  • Church Hosting + Shared Hosting Update – Looking good! If you haven’t read up on it:
  • Looking good on the realm of stable, but if you are having any problems/concerns please let me know by opening a ticket – LiveChat is not a great way to get support always – so please open a ticket.
  • WordPress PHP Upgrades – Default is 5.6 thus the warning, if you are needing a newer build before the January 1, 2020, move to PHP 7 – you can use the MultiPHP -or- Select PHP Version – For most MultiPHP is perfect, quick and easy to change the version but if you need older hardened versions do use the Select PHP Version.
  • Free Service – UpdateWord.press a free service in which I can help keep your site a bit more safe, secure and updated. Interested? Search for the plugin “InfiniteWP”, install it, then copy the details to a ticket and I’ll get you added in! You’ll be set!
  • MX Guard Dog Ready for Noah, Going Live Monday on Lilly! Need filtering? Read up here.
  • Update your Contact Information (https://secure.flockhosting.com) – Update your T-Shirt Size, and you may find yourself getting something in the mail, as I have some shirts to give away 🙂
  • Giving Options – Again I don’t put this to get folks to give, but I get this because I get so many random emails – so figure update things if you want to give, you are welcome to just visit https://crowd.flockhosting.com for all the options.

Cancer Update

Spoken is easier to follow vs. typing up – Scroll to about 12-minute mark and listen on – short version? Progress! God is Good! Coming up on 3/6 of a new treatment plan and positive God is doing good things! More updates to follow, listen on for updates!

And then there was Lilly.

So as mentioned with Church hosting in an effort to really streamline things and avoid high costs of cPanel license changing, new hardware was being built out – well Church Hosting has gone over pretty well, actually improving performance, increasing storage, and making folks happy 🙂 So while we did hit some varied issues, all in all, it worked out!

Lilly and Grace are now up on deck, and it was going to be a tricky one – with Church Hosting all combined into 1 happy location but originally I had considered moving some folks to Moses, then others would goto a new server – however its all to a new server. Meet Lilly. Yes I am keeping the server name Lilly moving forward, and grace will merge in and function the same as Church Hosting, responding to both Lilly and Grace – as to minimize overall re-mapping links/email/etc. things will just work.

Now same as Church Hosting some of you do your own DNS – and the new IP will be:

This will start on Friday (10/11/19) @ 6PM when the migration starts, the goal is to move everyone over quickly, and get DNS in place and moved – so if you are doing your own DNS please be sure that you adjust the primary record to ensure you are pointing at the proper server. If you need help please open a ticket today and let me know how I can access your domain with the other provider and I’d be happy to help make the changes.

So if your domain is with FlockHosting or using FlockHosting’s DNS servers you are good to go! The server will migrate your DNS over without issue – the entire process should be incredibly quick and painless.

To recap – if you are on one of these servers:

  • lilly.flockhosting.com
  • grace.flockhosting.com

Your new server name will either stay or become lilly.flockhosting.com – the change requires nothing from you if you are using FlockHosting DNS – and it should hopefully go super quick and easy! If anything changes or adjust I’ll post again mid-week and leading up to the migration! Prayers are appreciated for sure, going to be a busy week for me as Chemo starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday if all sticks to plan on that side of things – so busy busy! Stay tuned and watch for a post to the discussion forum with a running update on the day of and following of issues which are being resolved.

Move them servers two by two. Meet Noah.

While I’m battling insomnia (coming off a nasty medication) I’ve been hard at work with our newest server to handle Church Hosting as a whole – Noah. I still have some sense of humor, but at the same time it seemed like a good fit, rescue from the flood of new pricing from cPanel + lately a number of hiccups from our current data center which has had issues with cooling, network, and hardware – it’s time to move.

So to that end, Noah should be actually completed in the next 2 hours if my energy holds – so what does that mean? That everything will be ready for 6pm on Friday (9/20/19).

Why the rush? Well Sunday is coming and so is billing – so two fold I want to stabilize things before Sunday if at all possible on the new hardware which has a lot more in the way of resources than pretty much all the other servers combined – my hope is that this move adds Stability + Speed = Happy FlockHosters! (and keeps it affordable for me during all the Cancer stuff)

So what do you need to do? In most cases? Absolutely nothing, I just did a fresh spot check of Fellowship and found that 90% of customers are using FlockHosting DNS – thus you get updated instantly once your account is moved. If you are using the hostname of the server that too will be updated so you can continue to utilize:

  • fellowship.flockhosting.com
  • church.flockhosting.com
  • matthew.flockhosting.com

These will all be adjusted after the last account moves off the server to redirect to Noah’s IP so trying to make this as pain-free as possible.

If you are doing your own DNS to point to FlockHosting services the new IP is:

This change will need to be made on Friday at or around 6pm – now this can result in some downtime if data takes longer, but I’d honestly prefer you guys pointing to the new server sooner than later so we can deal with as little migration time as possible!

To manage storage on Noah there are actually multiple drives which manage several storage locations, if you have any software which relies on a path please log in to cPanel to see if your path has changed – if so it will likely be /home2 or /home3 – like I’ve said before, I might over overbuilt things! But trying to make it stable and able to handle growth while I’m down for the count in Chemo/Shots/etc.

A note about Paul. It’s not moving. The Church Email Service is not moving at this time, it will give me a slight increase in cost, but storage wise, and migration of email only can cause some issues as it’s all about updating external DNS – not a move like standard Church Hosting which handles both in most cases via FlockHosting’s DNS servers – so that’ll come in time, but for now, Paul will remain where it is.

One Last thing…..

If you are no longer using Church Hosting, domain expired but you never canceled – please try to request a cancelation by Friday – if we can make it easier on churches still using the service to not have to move dormant accounts that would make my life 1,000,000 times easier. Less data to move, and we can continue to be the best stewards of what Church Hosting offers.

cPanel Migrations + Cancer Update

So the short version of cPanel things is as such:

  • Servers Migrating to New Beefy Hardware = Migrations. Biggest and most costly to try to get ahead of – Church Hosting – So hardware ordered this weekend, and getting ready for a move!
  • Lilly and Grace will partly move to Moses, and then an additional server will come on board to handle the remainder.

Now on the matter of my health, scroll to about 6:05 in the audio above and it’ll all be laid out for you there 😀

Thanks as always for checking in, appreciate your continued patience and prayers!

The July FlockUpdate/Cancer Update

Show notes:

  • cPanel Changes: Per-Server pricing is changing, working on the companies we license cPanel from, the big price change would be about a $1/m add if you want cPanel – some of you may not even need cPanel! So that’s something that’ll be changing, again waiting on pricing! There are other options coming including systems like DirectAdmin & VestaCP – both would be provided free – but price changes will be sorted out, and I’ll provide a clear path moving forward.
  • Domain Pricing: The $11/year pricing is going to be changing in 2020, I am still working on the pricing changes, working to keep it simple, maybe $13/year if possible (for .com, .net, .org) – and I’ll also be adding some additional domain name options similar to .church.
  • FlockHosting.com Updates: Freshen up the site, freshen up VPS, etc. more coming soon!
  • LiveChat vs. Ticket: For support related concerns, email or ticket – ticket is always my best bet for you, but even if it is check in on me, ticket vs. Live Chat.
  • Squirrel Mail Retired: As this open source project has gone stale, cPanel has begun removing Squirrel Mail, so I do apologize for it disappearing – you can always utilize: https://webmail.flockhosting.com – A great interface called Rain Loop, works great!
  • Discussion Board: It has been around, but if you are a message board kind of person check out https://discuss.flockhosting.com/ – It’s a resource I check in on, and if you have spare time, feel free to post some helpful tools / tips if you have them!
  • FlockHosting Knowledge Base(KB): KB videos are going away, sadly the company that provides all the videos on there has decided to shut down, so videos will be disappearing, new fresh ones will be made slowly but surely, but cPanel’s built in help is pretty handy too.

Personal Update:

This one I’m not going to type it all up, but for the bulk of it listen starting around 15 minutes on the audio – but an addition is my white count has tanked and they started me on the shot for improving my white count, which when they said “May cause bone pain” I didn’t think it would be this bad. It’s miserable! So prayers are appreciated as we push my body to perk up as next Chemo treatment is the 22nd, so have to get it up soon! Continued prayers are appreciated!

Some links just in case you missed them:

Communicate Page: https://flockhosting.com/communicate/
Donate Page: https://crowd.flockhosting.com/
Original Cancer Post: https://blog.flockhosting.com/2019/04/the-flockupdate-ish/

Hope you are all blessed, again please don’t hesitate to reach out, just be patient in slightly longer response times!