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Network Maintenance (11/8/07)

On November 8th @ 12:00AM(CST) there will be a brief outage (or so our upstream tells us), they will be performing some upgrades to the software and hardware for the network, they expect it to be “brief” as each device updates and reboots, usually in the past this is only about a 5 minute outage, and is even usually less than that.

If anything changes, or I get updated with more information from the upstream, I’ll update this post ASAP.

Crazy October – Standing Packages

So you asked, I am going to provide – over the remaining time there will be random specials, offers, so do check back, but for the remainder of the event, the following packages to new customers:

New Customers

The first new package is: The $120 Package (No, not monthly) – for 1 year of hosting, it’s all pre-paid, and it’s something special – this is a yearly offer, but good for as long as you keep the account active, and since it’s 1 year, your domain is free! So without further delay “The Package“:

  • 750MB Storage
  • 50GB Transfer
  • 100 POP3
  • 6 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • 5 Parked Domains / 2 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

Now for those who don’t need something so big, a smaller offer for half the price, same pre-pay, so for $60/yr there is the “Other Package“:

  • 450MB Storage
  • 25GB Transfer
  • 50 POP3
  • 3 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • 5 Parked Domains / 1 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

Current Customers

So those will stand till the end of the month, so don’t delay! Now onto current customers, the following upgrade is up for grabs, good on any standard account, and it’s only $50/yr – so it gives you some more space, for a great price:

  • +150MB Storage
  • +10GB Transfer
  • +10 POP3
  • +3 MySQL Databases (Great for Fantastico!)
  • +1 Add-on Domains (Domains not included)

All this will be added to your account, to upgrade you just need to contact_me, and I will get you all setup! So don’t delay – this too is on-going, if you have any questions if your eligible ask away!

Randomly throughout the remaining Crazy October time, there will be some free upgrades to random orders placed, special “Free Hosting” offers which crop up here on the blog, and more! So stay tuned!

Apache2.2 and PHP5

As some of you may know PHP4 is reaching “End of Life” status at the end of this year, and the strong push to PHP5 is in full swing.

For the last month I have been testing PHP5 configurations with various applications provided by Fantastico and Installatron – and results have been very positive, however I have found some applications which do not play well with PHP5, so I have held off on deploying it across the board on all servers.

So your mission is to upgrade those apps! If you have had custom programming work done, or are a PHP coder yourself not familiar with PHP5, PHP has released a migration notes which offer some tips on where things can be an issue, so please be sure to review things there and make sure your site is literally up to code.

If you have an application, and are not familiar with how to upgrade or need help determining PHP5 compatibility, please simply contact_me for further assistance in getting squared away – the end goal is deployment of PHP5 as the primary PHP version by the end of November 2007 – so stay tuned to the blog/newsletter for more information!

Crazy October (10/19)

So the deal never went up yesterday! My apologies, things just got busy around here – I’ll spare you the details, but now after a good night’s sleep things are on their way! Seeing as we are going into a weekend, this deal will last thru not Monday, but Tuesday in a effort to make up for the missed special yesterday – and since things are getting busy here, some deals will be going up which last for the remainder of the month, not just the day, and each day special offers will be slipped in if there is time, plus there will be random giveaway offers for free upgrades you can claim – so stay tuned next week!

20% off your order, no matter the term, no matter the package – thru this next Tuesday you can get 20% off by using the code CO101920. Not enough? Okay, then here’s some other incentives:

  • Pay with Credit Card: 100MB Additional Storage
  • Pay for a YEAR of hosting: 10GB Additional Bandwidth + Your domain is free!
  • Pay for 6 Months of hosting: 5GB Additional Bandwidth

So pre-order and get more, pay with a credit card get more – so you order for a year and use your credit card, you get 100MB AND 10GB of storage, plus with the promotion all this month, your domain is free! But even if you only do 6 months and use a card, we’ll throw in 5GB of additional bandwidth plus the 100MB if you pay by card!

So there you have it, today’s specials are officially live, and will run thru the 23rd (Next Tuesday)! If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact_me!

New Billing: Invoices

As some of you have already migrated to the new billing system (others to follow soon!) you’ll note a few changes:

  • Attached PDF Invoices
  • Invoices sent 10 days before billed.
  • Reminders Sent on Overdue Accounts
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted (Visa / Mastercard / Discover / AMEX)

This is all new, and please let me explain a little, the invoice will generate 10 days early, if you have a card on file on the renewal day the system will attempt payment, and if accepted you’ll get a note and a PDF marked “PAID” – you don’t have to run in and make payment, if your a PayPal customer, please consider utilizing a Subscription to your profile so your invoices are handled promptly.

Some billing changes about over-due, cancelation, etc. are soon going to be added to the terms of service, so keep an eye on your email, as a newsletter will go out explaining it all in the next week or so – all these changes are in an attempt to provide you with better and better customer service and hosting services.

If your new to the new billing system, and have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket – will soon be discontinued, so please be sure to utilize the new system built in with your new billing profile.