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Crazy October (10/16)

Another day, another deal, as we reach mid-week, a few long-term offers will be added to the already free domain with purchase of a year of hosting, these specials will remain through-out the month, but for today – another doubled up option for both New and Current customers.

45% off ANY new order! If you have been considering setting up a new website, now is probably the best time! Sign up for any monthly hosting package (Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert) on a monthly basis and get 45% off your order! Just put in code CO101645 and your good to go!

If there’s a special you’d like to see (features/functions) don’t hesitate to contact_me with your feedback!

Crazy October (10/15)

So a fresh week – new offers – this may be the last standard offer, I am working on something special to not only bless you, but in turn bless Ministries I have done work with, so stay tuned for that – but for now, on with Today’s CO Specials:

Current Customers

Always needing more and more? Just a little more this, and a little more that? While here at FlockHosting I always try to accommodate growing ministries, the bottom line is, sometimes growth comes at you quick – and overages can happen! So today’s special is simple, if your on any package you can upgrade to the expert package for simply $5 more a month. So your on the $5 Starter? $5+$5 = $10 a month gets you the Expert Package resources – this upgrade is limited, first 10 customers, as usual account must be in good standing and we’ll need to migrate you to the new billing system – but easy enough!

New Customers

New customers, this time around it’s a simple coupon 25% off your order – so any package, currently offered, and if you pre-pay for a year, imagine the discount there, PLUS you get your domain for free when you pre-pay for a year! So get to saving! The code is CO101525

Not what you want? Stick around, more coming this week!

Crazy October (10/12)

The last promotion for this week, which will be active thru the entire weekend is as follows:

Current Customers

A new package entirely, you can upgrade any package to this (even old Crazy October), if you have pre-paid for the year already your total bill will be adjusted to reflect the amount left on your pre-pay:

  • 700MB Storage
  • 45GB Transfer
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases

The price: $12.50 a month – That’s $7.50 cheaper than the largest package, and it’s got more bandwidth and storage! There are only 10 of these available, and it’s first come first serve – account must be in good standing, and limit 1 promo per customer (sorry customers with more than 1 hosting package) – but if your interested, contact_me for more information.

New Customers

You get the same package as above – and your domain name is free for the first year, no matter how long you pre-pay, be it a month, be it 2 years, your domain will be free (supported domains listed @ checkout) – No promo codes needed, simply click this link – and your off! There are only 10 of these packages available, so don’t wait too long!

Billing Migration

The migration is in full swing, some of you may have already received a email with login details, if not – be on the lookout for a email with the subject Client Area Details Reminder, please be sure to review the accounts imported, as well as make sure to update any outdated address/contact information with your most current information on file.

If you have any questions about this billing system switch, the door is always open here feel free to contact_me with any questions you may have, and be sure to check out the latest Crazy October Deals! And stay tuned for more updates, lots of things on the horizon!

Crazy October (10/11)

And onto day two! Two deals, one day – are you ready? Well without further delay:

Current Customers

Today brings a simple upgrade to any package (well except the Simple Package), but the following upgrades are offered to ANY current customers with an account in good standing:

  • 5GB Additional Transfer
  • 200MB Additional Storage
  • 15 Additional Email Accounts
  • 2 Additional MySQL Databases

It is all for a low-low price of $50/year – if your interested simply contact_me to get your account upgraded and billing properly updated.

New Customers

And for you just looking to get going, the current promotion is the following package:

  • 500MB Storage
  • 20GB Transfer
  • 30 Email Accounts
  • 3 MySQL Databases
  • All Standard Features

The package is $7.95 a month for 24 hours only – also if you pre-pay for 1 or 2 years, your domain is free (Limited to .com .net .org) – no coupon is needed – simply click here to get started with your order!

If you have any questions about the deals above, please fee free to contact_me.