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Crazy October (10/10)

Well it’s officially that time of year again! After a low turn-around for Crazy October last year – this year it’s going to be daily (excluding weekends) till the end of the month! And as promised, each day of a special will be 2 fold, one for you the new customer – and another for current customers to “spice up” your current package – today though, it’s a simple start, with it being 10/10 today, let’s stick with 10, and make it our starting point for everyone, customers new and old:

All Customers

Today, it’s a simple offer – any standing package gets 10% off when you purchase 1 year in advance – so anything from the hosting section can use the code: CO101010 – and your set, but to throw in a bit more, when you pre-purchase for a year, your domain name is also free!

So if this doesn’t fit your needs, come on back tomorrow! More to come! Current customers, if your not in the new billing system yet, please contact_me first, and your account can be merged ASAP so your in the new billing system to take advantage of these offers.

Fall Cleanup

Several accounts across the servers have cropped up with hacked message boards, and overly-spammed Guestbooks, if you are not actively using a application, please consider uninstalling it (remove the folder) – this will help keep the servers even more secure, and your domain name from getting marked as spam.

Some accounts at high-risk will be temporarily suspended, and you will be contacted with further options for getting your account cleaned up, if you are not sure of applications installed, please review Fantastico, or look thru your folders. Even if it is not linked from any of your websites, common names like “www.mywebsite.com/forum/” and “www.mywebsite.com/guestbook/” are dead giveaways to folks looking to do your website harm – if you need assistance in upgrading or removal, please open a trouble ticket or contact_me directly.

New Customer Portal, New Special

Earlier this evening the newsletter went out giving some details of the latest things happening here at FlockHosting, if you missed it, it’ll be posted after the break – but the two big things are the new Customer Portal & The upcoming Specials.

In 1 week (10/10/07) – new specials will be posted each day till the end of the month (excluding weekends) – the special is limited to the day, and each will be a one day deal, fear not current customers, each day will offer two specials of which you can take advantage of, one will be a optional upgrade for your current package, the other a new package for a new hosting project – so stick around, each day they will be posted here.

If you missed the newsletter click the link below and it will be displayed – stay tuned for more updates!

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Tonight when the usual rolling maintenance scripts run to download the latest server packages, part of the upcoming cPanel 11 made it into the upgrade, causing a blip in email service – all servers have been upgraded to cPanel 11. This is a 2 part upgrade, some services are not yet live but read on to find out more of what is to come!

Read moreUpgrades

Customer Updates

In preparation of upcoming changes to the billing system, and it being 2007 (time flies!) – over the next few weeks you may get a notice that your hosting information needs to be updated, and I hope that you will beat me to the punch!

Billing information quickly becomes out of date, and then makes it hard to confirm your identity, recently customers having issues with their account tried to confirm information only to find out it doesn’t match due to being out of date, be it a phone number, an address, or even a change of last name – so I encourage you if you have not done so already, please update your billing information, even your credit card on file if it recently expired, it helps keep things running smoothly here.

If you have any problems updating your billing profile, please contact_me and I’ll help you get it all squared away.