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Performance Issues

Good morning. It has been a long 24 hours trying to sort through some performance issues seeing hit largely on Lilly, other servers have varying degrees of the issues but it’s not what I aim for when I offer to host – it’s not “Oh well you are only paying $5/$10… You want performance you pay for it!” not a bait-and-switch company until you outgrow truly the limitations of Shared Hosting, it should be snappy and happy. Yesterday, it was not.

I have been monitoring increased load across all servers, and it seems something was updated and it’s not playing nice. I’ve been working to help customers with performance issues today, and some are improved, some are not, but working on the issues with software that was updated to see if we can nail it down, but this isn’t a “quick” thing to fix. I’ve stopped all but critical updates on all other servers for the short-term to avoid any other boxes getting to this level of performance loss.

Now for some of you – this REALLY isn’t good. You run a business, you are publishing, you need a quick, responsive website which doesn’t take over 60 seconds to load – and I’m not diminishing anyone else, but some of you have told me:

No Big deal, praying it gets fixed quick, don’t forget to sleep!

That’s who I’m mentioning here – but to all of you who are waiting for improvement, Moses is here to lead you to the promise land! Fresh hardware in a slightly different configuration which should help lighten the load on not just Lilly but Grace as well – and I’ll continue to monitor, and work with software vendors and hardware vendors to find a more long-term fix that holds as we tried several fixes that seemed to work, but even under slight load, things went sideways.

So if you are feeling the pain of lag and then some on your current account on Lilly or Grace, then Moses will be a live option in the morning, currently provisioning software, and making it ready to bring over some websites out of the wilderness! Those of you who already have a ticket I’ll be reaching out to as soon as the server is up with the option to move, if you don’t have a ticket open and need/want to move please do so! Easiest is using FlockHosting nameservers, I can do all the work, but if you manage your own DNS, I’ll provide the fresh IP of Moses via the ticket!

I do apologize for the issues and the time it has taken to get to here, but datacenter guys were helping, software vendors were reviewing, I didn’t want to have to move folks again if it could be avoided, but sadly looks like that’s where we stand. More updates on this post and social in the AM once I manage to get some sleep under my belt.

FlockUpdate for March 2013!

Show Notes:

  1. Color Me Rad 5k (3rd Time Photos)
  2. Birthday Thank You! Thanks for all the birthday well wishes! 33 is off to a good start!
  3. Praise & Koinonia Outages – Migration of Customers, additional outage today which I’m assured was a “HICCUP” but plan is still on par for posting on Friday, but I may begin some customers moving as soon as Thursday Night — please watch for a Trouble Ticket Open for a 12-24 hour notice of quick migration.
  4. Farewell ASSP – While it has worked well for 1% of customers 99% continue to have issues, and it will be removed slowly but surely over the next few weeks – nothing is required of you, it will simply one day be gone and Spamassassin will return to cPanel – if you are one of the 1% who love it to pieces, please open a ticket or email me about keeping it, and I’ll work to accommodate you!
  5. Promoting! I need your help! If your game, please check back here on Thursday and I’ll have some PDF’s, JPG, PNG, etc. to post around the web/facebook/etc. If you have a crazy idea for a promotion/package, contact me! Happy to take advice in this case as I’m up for all the help I can get! Post it in the comments on the Video, Here, Facebook or Twitter! Or Communicate it to me!
  6. Prayer Requests Welcome! Simply Communicate Them!

Server Adjustments Complete

All services are back up and running, I do apologize for the brief extended blip on Business – problem was identified and dealt with quickly – though if any sites are having ANY problems, please open a ticket ASAP so I can assist you further.

This is the last set of server adjustments planned for a while, I do thank everyone for their patience thru all these moves and adjustments to servers – I will be holding off on any further major changes as long as possible! Have a WONDERFUL week!

Welcome to the New FlockHosting!

Many months in design/re-design, and finally I have settled on this lovely layout. A tremendous thanks goes out to Josh Renaud who gave FlockHosting an amazing site for the last few years, it helped re-brand and step up the site a notch, if you need a website designed, be sure to check him out and tell him Chuck from FlockHosting sent you!

Change is a tough thing! As FlockHosting has grown these past few years – boy howdy can it be tough! Going from a single server, to two, to three – new anti-spam, new webservers, new php, its a field which is always moving! By the grace of God alone have I made it this far and kept my remaining bits of sanity 😉 This is a big year of change for FlockHosting as like many of you I too have had to tighten the belt as many sites have shut down and thus the budget shrinks up a little bit – but never fear! Even if we have to scale back down to 2 servers (very BEEFY servers), I am dedicated as long as the Lord would have me to, continue working on FlockHosting, and he keeps opening new doors.

So new things! Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades. In a effort to streamline things a bit some old packages are being retired, but current users will retain those account types – plus some un-disclosed upgrades to each account type – so over the next 14 days watch for your account to get a little adjustment or two – the new accounts being offered, are some new eCommerce and Church focused options which are now open to the public, in a goal to help both Christian Owned Businesses and Churches get steady email and high-capacity storage for Video/Audio – doors are opening!

Email was another area folks were looking for some relief and upgrade, now FlockHosting offers a new email solution with accounts with up to 10GB of storage that is separate from your website storage, so if you have 1GB of storage on the website, you would separately have up to 10GB of storage for just email! It works on the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 (Any Android Phone), Windows Mobile, and Blackberry – great setup! In testing I setup local churches with it, and have had great response thus far!

Also as a added bonus – all packages for the remainder of the year have free setup, and a free domain when you pre-purchase a semi-annual or annual package. No coupons, no codes, just simple savings! More fine tuning to come over the next few days and some additional options and more… 🙂

So look around, see what you think – and as always if you find something wrong with the site, do let me know, I am sure there will be some blips here and there for a few days as I get everything moved in, thanks for your prayers and patience, and if you need any help – as always check the left hand side for some contact methods – or open a trouble ticket!

Take Care & God Bless.