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Hello 2016!


So here we are at 2016 and already working to get things moving and grooving! While I could outline everything in this post alone, I do want to save some for the FlockUpdate.  This month’s episode which will sport some better lighting & new mic for better sound! If my phone cooperates 4K video (oooh…. ahh) So stay tuned for that!

Some quick notes though that I wanted to get out there for everyone:

  • Web servers are all upgraded and secured! New versions of PHP & Apache deployed, enjoy the improvements!
  • Some over-protective rules made their way into the application firewall. They were causing hiccups, rules sorted and running smoother!
  • Weebly – Full story soon, but minor delays – if you sign-up I can “in theory” activate ya. If not please bear with me, reaching out to Weebly. By the FlockUpdate time, I hope to have a full update and active service!

That’s just a few things I wanted to get rolling. Later this month an all new FlockHosting.com will be coming! A new look, new content, and more ways to save! So stay tuned!

As always if you have any questions or want to get in touch, check the communicate page!

Faith Upgrading!

The process has begun, there may outages during this time on Faith, I do apologize for the outage, but these upgrades are for security and stability of the servers, so please bear with me, things should be rolling smooth again here very shortly. I will update this post with an update as things progress, prayers are appreciated!

Update: A few sites had some issues, if you find yourself stuck, please feel free to open a trouble ticket, there may be 1 more quick re-compile (brief brief downtime, maybe 1-45 seconds) but we’ll see how the day goes, please try to keep all issues to a single ticket, so if you find more glitches, add to your current ticket. Some customers will see a ticket created by me, found a few bugs, some I could fix, some I can’t – so please open or review a ticket today if your having issues!

Happy Saturday!

Update Completed

Greetings Users on Shepherd! (A hardy hello to the rest of you!) – All appears to of gone well with the upgrade – PHP5 and Apache 2.2 are now live on the server, not to mention all accounts now utilize the “X3” template. No… not Xmen 3, but the newest look of the template that powers cPanel – new wizards, new help built in, very slick – I hope you enjoy it. All in all, I verified the main pages of all websites on the server (Who needs sleep anyway!?), found a few issues, and got them resolved.

So now the job is up to you, if your having problems with your scripts, please open a ticket (http://secure.flockhosting.com) about your website and paste any web page URLs having issues, and I’ll do what I can to help, please bear in mind you have till Monday for assistance, then there will be a slow day Tuesday (aka Christmas) so please be patient as this is the holiday season – but after Christmas, things pick up again, and tickets should resume 1 day resolution speed.

If you have any difficulties/dislikes with X3, please open a ticket, and I can easily switch you back to the X2 template your used to, so some things are reversible, however with PHP5, that is not going to be possible, so again, please open a ticket and let me know the difficulties your experiencing cite any and all issues you may be having, and I’ll help you out as quickly as possible. I hope you all enjoy the upgrade, I thank each of you for your prayers, similar updates will be happening for Faith and Business in the next week or so, granting no major flaws are found in the upgrade in the next few days.

Once again I do say thanks for your patience – have a VERY Merry Christmas! I hope you and yours have a blessed day!

Apache2.2 and PHP5

As some of you may know PHP4 is reaching “End of Life” status at the end of this year, and the strong push to PHP5 is in full swing.

For the last month I have been testing PHP5 configurations with various applications provided by Fantastico and Installatron – and results have been very positive, however I have found some applications which do not play well with PHP5, so I have held off on deploying it across the board on all servers.

So your mission is to upgrade those apps! If you have had custom programming work done, or are a PHP coder yourself not familiar with PHP5, PHP has released a migration notes which offer some tips on where things can be an issue, so please be sure to review things there and make sure your site is literally up to code.

If you have an application, and are not familiar with how to upgrade or need help determining PHP5 compatibility, please simply contact_me for further assistance in getting squared away – the end goal is deployment of PHP5 as the primary PHP version by the end of November 2007 – so stay tuned to the blog/newsletter for more information!