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Customer Appreciation Month – Wrap Up!

Wow what a month, what a start to a week! First off thank you to all of you for your prayers for my 5k – did it in about 48 minutes, day of walking got about 7 miles of total walking with good friends and family – so I apologize for the spotty weekend, just technical glitches galore with getting online!

This week has started off a tad crazy, and thus why things are still hanging around – I found out Monday afternoon that after 5 years,that my day job doing IT was coming to an end, thus a day that just went a tad all-over for most, and strangely a peace for me, as I have been praying about my continued employment and focusing more on FlockHosting & Light Unto – God’s got a plan and I would appreciate your prayers! Means some changes for sure, adjusting budgets and just figuring out a good plan and seeing what God has in store! But that’s my transparency to you all about current things a-foot in my life – but, enough about me, onto the final things of the month!

Day 7 

My commitment. I am going to work harder even more so with some additional time coming up, to engage each of you – thats a lot of folks to interact with, and don’t expect a form “Dear Customer” letter – I want to reach out to each of you, look at your accounts and find where we can save you even more money, help build up the resources you need for your site to function, provide some of my time and knowledge to be a help to you if it can be!

FlockHosting is a joy for me to serve you! That’s the reason for this month to appreciate you – and yes… the 4th annual is coming next year same month! Same fun! So be prepared, and know that if you guys are in need of help, or are thinking about closing your account, or growing your account and unsure if FlockHosting is the right fit, touch base, I am not going to bite off more than I can chew, my commitment is to be clear, open and honest with you about the capabilities of FlockHosting – so if its more than I can do, I’ll let you know! So please take my commitment to you 100%! If you need help, have a question, etc. simply but ask!

Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Okay onto the final goodies – a few things to do some housekeeping on – so onto the rundown:

Postbox Giveaway

This one didn’t pick up much steam, and I am not sure if it’s simply folks weren’t excited about the software – which is a-ok, just works for me, hoped it’d be something for you – but as it stands here’s the take – empty spots are up for grabs, interested? Post a comment or tweet “@Flockhosting I’d like one!” or on Facebook Comment on the post that sent you here  and it’s yours! First come first serve:

  1. Joe M.
  2. Andrew L.
  3. Obed Lopez
  4. Brenten
  5. Jeff S.
  6. -up for grabs-
  7. -up for grabs-
  8. -up for grabs-
  9. -up for grabs-
  10. -up for grabs-

Have at em! Flockhosting customers only! (Flockhosting customers can get them and give them, just touch base with me if you desire to do that).

Kindle Paperwhite

This one was another one I wanted to have some fun with, the reason for the question is who would you give it to – quite simple – you get two. 🙂

I loved the stories posted, reading thru why people would hand them off, good stuff indeed – but as much as I’d like to give away 2 to each person who posted, in this case I can’t but the person who won can provide some fun and reading while enjoying the same fun themselves! So after praying over them, and doing a quick draw of a name, the winner is:

Obed Lopez

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy too giving the extra away! Again this is a pre-order item, it will be shipped out later this month and I will be in touch with you on the time-table and process as we get closer! Stay tuned!


Hosting Dream Feature

I love hearing from customers about what would make their hosting experience better – I do my best to provide a good selection of services, features and functions – I try to keep things safe, and easy to work with, but sometimes you may be looking for…. feature XYZ! And maybe not know its around or maybe something I’ve never thought of – so the idea was posted for  by Brenten for an Ad Server – I thought “why not!” could be a great benefit for customers who do run content driven sites, so for that idea I say a prize is in order.

And while the prize was never set, you know me – I like to have fun, I like to mix it up. So what does Brenten get? Well its a little something I built for family a few years ago, I had siblings who were married and on tight budgets – I call it “Date in an Envelope” – It’s a collection of gift cards (an undisclosed amount) for Movies, Food, and Fun! I’ll be working with Brenten  to ensure all gift cards will work in his area but some dates out with the fam, or even just a 1 person self date 🙂

Thanks for great ideas which can be a benefit to all FlockHosters!


I just want to say thank you again! Blessed to get some chats and feedback from customers during this time, and as one person told me “You don’t have to do this” I know I don’t – but I cheerfully do! For 10 years I’ve been doing FlockHosting – and I appreciate customers who make it all worth it! I am blessed by the friendships that form thru this business, and that I can bless not only someone who a normal business would call “Customer #02918” but I can say “Thank You Friends!” – and to those of you reading this who don’t deal with me that often, again like my commitment above, I welcome time to work with you and do my best to serve you and help your website flourish!

I hope everyone has a blessed October, and thanks for a great month!

All About You!

Things have been silent here for a while, busy in my personal life as well as busy with some things rumbling in the background at FlockHosting! One thing is September – Customer Appreciation Month! Each week customers will be getting some upgrades free of charge, some optional discounts on larger upgrades, and if your on Twitter or Facebook, some special offers to share with friends! (ie: Free Hosting for a YEAR! + Some Church Freebies too!)

So if you haven’t yet – friend/follow us! Stay tuned on the latest, it has been quiet, but over the next few months, going to throw out some new goodies and get caught up with the site re-design and more! Stay tuned for great specials, watch your accounts for fun free upgrades over the next Month!

Thanks to ALL of you for your continued patience, business, and friendship over the last 8 years! Looking forward to work with you all for another 8!!