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Blessings from the 10 Year Celebration!

Quite Simply… Wow!

God is Good!

The last 48 hours now have been an outpouring of AMAZING! I have loved hearing back from customers about their prizes, their excitement, and too some just having their socks blessed off! What I prayerfully setup, God used to be an amazing gift back to the customers of FlockHosting who participated and had fun, and too even those who weren’t 100% sure why they got a note giving them something – still happy to get something for nothing!

One in particular just let me know how timely things came along, others excited to get a gadget or toy that will bless not only them – but their entire family! And me, again I was just looking to have fun and celebrate the blessing of FlockHosting that God has truly blessed me with over the last 10 years! It has been great to see folks lifted up, excited, and blessed where I thought I was just providing a cool prize, the response has been amazing.

Too got these cool video testimonials from Joe and Victoria – Take a look at these great videos! Joe’s:


and Victoria’s:

It makes Me very happy and excited to see customers excited about FlockHosting, it’s been great to see folks coming up and just having fun with Me as I celebrate, and I hope in the months and weeks and 10 years to come, I can have more and more of you join in the fun and the family that is Flockhosting!

I will say it again and again, I am BLESSED to host all of you! I look forward to more fun, and growth over the years to come, in the mean time stay tuned, working on some fun stuff, and I hope to get to have even MORE fun in the later part of the year as Customer Appreciation Month comes around again! 🙂 So stay tuned and have a GREAT Week/end!