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Customer Appreciation – Week Four.

Customer Appreciation Month!

So another year, and I’m wrapping it up – granted this week was supposed to start with a the final day on Monday, but with travel I pushed it back, then my sister decided to welcome my niece Amelia Joy into the world, so after travel -> baby, I am a blessed Man indeed (albeit a little tired!)

This week I had hoped to have customers give a set of ideas on how they’d like the final week to go, but some customers quite simply are happy with how things are with FlockHosting, and I am incredibly blessed to hear from customers and get some feedback, normally most folks only get feedback when things are BAD – with FlockHosting I’m blessed to have customers who are excited about the services here, and love to brag about Me, I am truly honored and blessed folks think so highly of the services here! Proud to call many customers Friend.

So for the last week, the sponsor, is Me — Chuck Brown (Website) (Personal Site), coming up on 10 years ago I remember finding a website that I enjoyed going to who had a screen come up every month “Site has reached bandwidth limits” or one time it was “Too many active connections” – I wanted to do things different, I wanted to bless fellow believers with personal, affordable, and more human hosting than anything out there, not a cookie cutter re-seller of HOST X, but something new, different, and with a mission to spread good things around the internet, and thus I am blessed with each and every customer who’s website have lived on any servers over the years! God has truly blessed Me with Amazing Customers! Your all amazing!

The end of this year is maybe a little less mighty than last years giveaways, but none the less its something I wanted to show my appreciation so the final run is 3 parts:

#1 – A promise, that I’ll continue to grow Support & Community Options of FlockHosting! The Community Forum will grow! Even if it’s just me posting a hodgepodge of goodies! The knowledge base will increase by 25% before the end of the year – and I’ll continue to monitor and actively support both Live Chat and the Feedback tab (on the left hand of the page), I am around if you need my help!

#2 – This one is to honor the birth of my niece Amelia Joy, as she was born on the 27th, thru the end of October the discount code, AMELIAJOY, will provide a 27% discount on all hosting packages & email – what can I say, I’m a proud uncle of  2 nieces and 1 nephew!

#3 – More Giving. I would like to see FlockHosting making a bigger effort into supporting ministries around the world, not just with free hosting! There are some great ministries out there who while hosting would benefit, I feel God has truly called me to in this business always give of my Time, Talent and Treasure – so to that end, each sale will give 10%, even if that’s a setup of a Church Hosting account, so for $5 accounts, $0.50, for $10 accounts $1, and for $0 accounts, $1, after its reached at least $50 I’ll take a list of suggested groups and pick one to give to! I want to give back! So your money now goes to support much more! I hope to challenge customers too to special giving opportunities with some goodies from me in return!

So there it is, a push for the future, I even have for the first time EVER… Business Cards:

If anyone would like some, please just drop me an email, and I’ll mail you some! Hopefully seeing it in PRINT folks will know I’m serious about Church Hosting for FREE! But I am pushing forward and hoping you’ll come along for the ride!

I am looking forward to October 5th’s big drawing, some folks have entered DAILY, others maybe 1-2 times total, but still plenty of time to enter for a few days  so why not enter a few times? May even be some surprise drawings… time will tell!

But thanks so much for joining me for another great year of Customer Appreciation Month – I really do hope your truly blessed by FlockHosting, and if I can be of service to you and your website in any way, please feel free to pick my brain!

Till next year! God Bless!

Chuck Brown
FlockHosting (www.flockhosting.com)