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The Future of FlockUpdates (FlockUpdate July 2018)

It’s the end of the month and by now some of you enjoy the usual “FlockUpdate” however it’s viewership is limited, production time is a bit consuming (Recording, Editing, Publishing) and while I love reaching even a handful of you, let’s be honest, what your hosting company is doing isn’t a item of time consumption in a day you care to spend – I completely understand.

I’ve been asked to try a Podcast format, and I’ve considered it as well, however, it to would be recording, editing, publishing, then probably re-publishing to post to every service/site folks use as the easiest I found was Anchor but its a service in itself, not sure I can get all of you to download a fresh app to listen to me drone on for a bit 🙂

So what’s the plan then?


FlockUpdate 2.0

Starting in September I’ll be publishing a more robust/complete FlockUpdate, it will be a review of the previous quarter + what’s to come in the next – and while I do realize not everyone enjoys this medium, it’s a great way for me to get to “talk” to you guys about what’s happening at FlockHosting.

With this change, my hope & goal is to produce a monthly newsletter + blog articles on a more regular basis – I can cross post these on social networking and with the monthly heads up of things I can pre-write and schedule posting of the newsletter, social posts etc. meaning I can do some leg work and get ahead of things at the start of the month and leave more time for the work at hand of server changes, software upgrades, business growth etc. while not leaving you guys completely in the dark.

So what’s going on this month? What did I miss?

This month has been a busy one. With the release of a new Google Chrome version that now marks domains as “Not Secure” if they don’t have SSL – it’s been fielding a lot of questions about how to make your WordPress & Sites, in general, be secure so folks aren’t scared away by google’s warnings. Happy to report all servers support Let’s Encrypt so you can easily add basic SSL functionality to your site! Easy as pie and at no additional cost! If you get stuck or need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Church Hosting delays have continued with a fresh surge of attempts to get free hosting for hackers. This has caused a huge slow down and a big review process, currently at a 7 day wait period sadly on average, and it’s just not an easy thing to sort through and I hate the idea that someone who is really legit might get thrown into a fraud case so manually reviewing to ensure I don’t blacklist anyone who’s genuinely in need. Prayers are appreciated!

Now some of you have graciously offered to help cover costs and grow Church Hosting, I’d love to keep things growing and it’s rapidly approaching the need for a fresh server (or two) so if you’ve been looking for a time to give, never been a better time to visit https://crowd.flockhosting.com – contains several options for donating, including a new one called Ko-Fi which offers just another option for folks looking to give – and this isn’t a “PLEASE DONATE NOW!” type message, just like to update folks who’ve asked for adds like Ko-Fi instead of sifting through emails.

While some of you may enjoy the canned meat, not any of you seem to like the un-requested spam, and to that end, a friendly reminder – MX Guard Dog is 100% free of charge, while I’d add it to every single account as a default the issue is some folks set up accounts, then cut to Google or another email service and MX Guard Dog would use up credits even if the accounts were not in use – so if you need some protection, please just let me know!

Lastly, I’d ask for your help, FlockHosting has seen a huge surge of Church Hosting, however standard hosting has not seen such a huge surge, and I’d appreciate some help with getting the word out to be it on your social media or just a banner on your website! I don’t require this of ANYONE this includes Church Hosting, it’s not a requirement but I’d ask if you feel FlockHosting has served you well please consider helping spread the word!

For now, stay tuned for some more blog posts over the next few months but we’ll have another Video FlockUpdate coming in September! Look forward to talking to you all then!

Let’s Build a Website: Planning

Welcome to the first part of a series of posts on building a website – Now these are not a complete and comprehensive resource, there is always custom coding, advanced elements you could do, but this is more of a guide in getting starting and publishing a simple website that will get you online and give you some basic learning in the process. So let’s dive in!


If you want your site building no matter how you are building it – you need to plan it out. The idea of just buying a domain and suddenly you are “Online” is one which as I’ve seen time and time again bring a site to be done about 25% of the way then you are unsure where to go, and you simply walk away, to “Work on it another day” and we all know how that goes 50% of the time.

I’ve done it so many times with my project websites, I have a rough plan for 45% of the site, and the rest will “get done” as I go along, but so far there is a project or three that I need to finish, and I’ve settled to working on continual Google Docs to work on it on the go, while I’m trying to get a baby to sleep, or when I’m in a resting spot with a project.

So how to do it? Well I’m going to use one way that’s free, but again feel free to adapt as you see fit.

Using Google Drive

I love Google Drive, if you have a Android or iOS Smartphone you can get the Drive application from Google and in your Gmail account you can create a folder of all your content. So if you are unsure, login to http://drive.google.com and you’ll do the following steps:

My_Drive_-_Google_DriveMy_Drive_-_Google_Drive 2


1. Create a new folder and give it a simple name, I used “My Website” but if can be anything to identify what your website information.


2. Now you have your new folder, its blank and ready to create some written information.



3. Create a document, rename it based upon the page you want to create: for instance, I made homepage.


4. Build your Pages! A separate doc for each page you want to create!

Homepage_-_Google_Docs 2Homepage_-_Google_Docs 3

5. Have others help with editing, just share to an email, and give them permission to edit with you! You can both work on it in real-time if needed!

Now the great thing about Google Drive is you can drag in ANY file, so if you have more resources to add in like photos or a logo, just drag them into the folder you created and it will all be there when you are ready to go!

Explore in this what works for you, some folks use Folders to build out sub-pages like About Us folder = all sub pages in About Us like maybe Company Information, or Contact Us, build those pages out however you like, but don’t be afraid to try something different! This is again just a guideline not a “DO THIS OR YOUR SITE WILL FAIL!” — Everyone is different and there are plenty of options!


Part two in two weeks! Stay tuned!

Customer Appreciation Month – Wrap Up!

Wow what a month, what a start to a week! First off thank you to all of you for your prayers for my 5k – did it in about 48 minutes, day of walking got about 7 miles of total walking with good friends and family – so I apologize for the spotty weekend, just technical glitches galore with getting online!

This week has started off a tad crazy, and thus why things are still hanging around – I found out Monday afternoon that after 5 years,that my day job doing IT was coming to an end, thus a day that just went a tad all-over for most, and strangely a peace for me, as I have been praying about my continued employment and focusing more on FlockHosting & Light Unto – God’s got a plan and I would appreciate your prayers! Means some changes for sure, adjusting budgets and just figuring out a good plan and seeing what God has in store! But that’s my transparency to you all about current things a-foot in my life – but, enough about me, onto the final things of the month!

Day 7 

My commitment. I am going to work harder even more so with some additional time coming up, to engage each of you – thats a lot of folks to interact with, and don’t expect a form “Dear Customer” letter – I want to reach out to each of you, look at your accounts and find where we can save you even more money, help build up the resources you need for your site to function, provide some of my time and knowledge to be a help to you if it can be!

FlockHosting is a joy for me to serve you! That’s the reason for this month to appreciate you – and yes… the 4th annual is coming next year same month! Same fun! So be prepared, and know that if you guys are in need of help, or are thinking about closing your account, or growing your account and unsure if FlockHosting is the right fit, touch base, I am not going to bite off more than I can chew, my commitment is to be clear, open and honest with you about the capabilities of FlockHosting – so if its more than I can do, I’ll let you know! So please take my commitment to you 100%! If you need help, have a question, etc. simply but ask!

Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Okay onto the final goodies – a few things to do some housekeeping on – so onto the rundown:

Postbox Giveaway

This one didn’t pick up much steam, and I am not sure if it’s simply folks weren’t excited about the software – which is a-ok, just works for me, hoped it’d be something for you – but as it stands here’s the take – empty spots are up for grabs, interested? Post a comment or tweet “@Flockhosting I’d like one!” or on Facebook Comment on the post that sent you here  and it’s yours! First come first serve:

  1. Joe M.
  2. Andrew L.
  3. Obed Lopez
  4. Brenten
  5. Jeff S.
  6. -up for grabs-
  7. -up for grabs-
  8. -up for grabs-
  9. -up for grabs-
  10. -up for grabs-

Have at em! Flockhosting customers only! (Flockhosting customers can get them and give them, just touch base with me if you desire to do that).

Kindle Paperwhite

This one was another one I wanted to have some fun with, the reason for the question is who would you give it to – quite simple – you get two. 🙂

I loved the stories posted, reading thru why people would hand them off, good stuff indeed – but as much as I’d like to give away 2 to each person who posted, in this case I can’t but the person who won can provide some fun and reading while enjoying the same fun themselves! So after praying over them, and doing a quick draw of a name, the winner is:

Obed Lopez

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy too giving the extra away! Again this is a pre-order item, it will be shipped out later this month and I will be in touch with you on the time-table and process as we get closer! Stay tuned!


Hosting Dream Feature

I love hearing from customers about what would make their hosting experience better – I do my best to provide a good selection of services, features and functions – I try to keep things safe, and easy to work with, but sometimes you may be looking for…. feature XYZ! And maybe not know its around or maybe something I’ve never thought of – so the idea was posted for  by Brenten for an Ad Server – I thought “why not!” could be a great benefit for customers who do run content driven sites, so for that idea I say a prize is in order.

And while the prize was never set, you know me – I like to have fun, I like to mix it up. So what does Brenten get? Well its a little something I built for family a few years ago, I had siblings who were married and on tight budgets – I call it “Date in an Envelope” – It’s a collection of gift cards (an undisclosed amount) for Movies, Food, and Fun! I’ll be working with Brenten  to ensure all gift cards will work in his area but some dates out with the fam, or even just a 1 person self date 🙂

Thanks for great ideas which can be a benefit to all FlockHosters!


I just want to say thank you again! Blessed to get some chats and feedback from customers during this time, and as one person told me “You don’t have to do this” I know I don’t – but I cheerfully do! For 10 years I’ve been doing FlockHosting – and I appreciate customers who make it all worth it! I am blessed by the friendships that form thru this business, and that I can bless not only someone who a normal business would call “Customer #02918” but I can say “Thank You Friends!” – and to those of you reading this who don’t deal with me that often, again like my commitment above, I welcome time to work with you and do my best to serve you and help your website flourish!

I hope everyone has a blessed October, and thanks for a great month!

Server Adjustments

The servers that power FlockHosting.com and one of the business servers (named as such “business”) are continuing to get some further adjustments for their stability – this weekend starting Sunday night the crew at the datacenter will be making some final adjustments to finalize the server moves we started a week ago, the two servers hit some snags in the migration process – we have a plan in place to get things moved over Sunday night and into the wee hours of Monday morning.

The downtime window is expected to be minimal, but seeing as we have had mixed results in the “minimal” department last time, I am going to set the maintenance window for at least an hour of actual downtime, without a doubt I am hoping for less and I imagine it will be much less time – most of the process can happen while servers are running, it is simply the final part which requires servers to be taken offline briefly.

Your prayers and patience are appreciated. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to open a ticket or drop me an email.

New Customer Portal, New Special

Earlier this evening the newsletter went out giving some details of the latest things happening here at FlockHosting, if you missed it, it’ll be posted after the break – but the two big things are the new Customer Portal & The upcoming Specials.

In 1 week (10/10/07) – new specials will be posted each day till the end of the month (excluding weekends) – the special is limited to the day, and each will be a one day deal, fear not current customers, each day will offer two specials of which you can take advantage of, one will be a optional upgrade for your current package, the other a new package for a new hosting project – so stick around, each day they will be posted here.

If you missed the newsletter click the link below and it will be displayed – stay tuned for more updates!

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