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Customer Appreciation Month: Week 3

Another week! Some excitement with things as some security items came up over the weekend, BUT all resolved, even deployed some new tech on Praise to help it stay up-to-date and fewer reboots, but that’s another post for another day 😉

First off this week’s MEGA Upgrade Winners are….

  1. Mike S.
  2. Mark B.

I’ll open a ticket with both of you this weekend to arrange a time, first week’s winners are moving in this weekend! Very excited to get Praise online with users!

This week’s customer highlight is Uta Milewski [website] – Uta has been around with FlockHosting for a good long while, but she’s used FlockHosting not only for herself but for her customers, church, friends, family, I think honestly a little bit of everything but she has been an amazing customer! When something has ever been wrong #1 I know she’s praying and #2 she’s spreading that information to her customers as well! Always a GREAT support to me!

Her work on websites is great, and she’s never been afraid to ask me a question about services be it FTP/cPanel/Email etc. she is not afraid to ask a question! She get’s the job done and makes some great looking websites! So hats off to Uta and for her week being the highlight there are not 1, but 2 give aways ON TOP of the weekly 2 MEGA upgrades. So here’s the break down of things this week:

  1. MEGA UPGRADE – To enter this week I wanted to make it clever/creative/fun – So it’s slogan week – If you were to give FlockHosting a slogan “Fastest Hosting in the MidWest” (okay probably a bad example, as I don’t know midwest speeds lol) but get creative, you can enter up to 5 slogans (so you have up to 5 chances to win) you can email, twitter, facebook, or comment them here, if you want to keep them private please use email (if you fear slogan theft!) 🙂 but spin a few ideas and send em my way!
  2. Give-Away #1 – This one is the “Freebie” it’ll be given to all customers – and since it has been the most requested option over the years – you get, dare I say it… More Storage. I have been working on increasing storage across the board, and so without any request you get an additional 250MB of storage to your accounts!
  3. Give-Away #2 – This one is free, but requires a request -For the first 25 people to request it, gets a set of 5 FlockHosting stickers to give away, PLUS each has a special discount code on them for new service! Great to spread to friends! (I realize its a tad “marketing”-ish, but stickers will be fun, if you’d like a set, there *might* be some other goodies sent too… hope you enjoy! To grab a set fill out this form, once 25 is hit, it will be held, but who knows, another batch may come to Twitter or FB here in a few weeks during Crazy October 😉 Stay tuned for a second chance!

To quote Steve Jobs “One last thing…” – a upgrade all around, namely software. FlockHosting has some exciting changes coming around, of which I am not going to unveil entirely, as some bits are still working out in security, so don’t want to say “EVERYONE GETS A _______ ADDED TO THEIR ACCOUNT!” then a week later find some big hole and shut it all down – but today everyone (and some may have already seen the icon) get access to a new system called Softaculous within cPanel – this is a auto-installer that will completely replace all others, some servers have just Fantastico, some others have Installatron (some have both), Softaculous has over 100+ scripts and applications which can help speed site deployment – be it WordPress, Durpal, Clipbucket, etc. etc. etc! Offered today to EVERY account free of charge, and just in case you’ve already used up all your databases, all current accounts also get 1 additional MySQL database added (ALL ACCOUNTS!) so enjoy it, try some apps, be sure to delete the ones you don’t use to keep your site safe!

So thanks for tuning in for another bit of Customer Appreciation Month!  I really do appreciate everyone and look forward to wrapping up next week! It may be the 1st of October, but it’ll lead into CRAZY OCTOBER! Stay tuned for more!

Mid-Year Catch-Up

Man this year is just blasting by! Everytime it seems I start to get caught up with various projects I get hit with things again, I do apologize for some of the recent outages network issues at some of the datacenters I use seem to have had some issues, but most seem to be patched up and working smoothly again – So thanks again for your patience and prayers!

2010 – Part 2

The remainder of the year is going to bring some changes, some I have mentioned on the Facebook/Twitter account – for one this blog will be re-located to off-network location for ease of status updates, and should also line up with Facebook and Twitter – so across the board it should line up nicely.

After trying out a new pricing structure it’s become clear it may of helped 1 or 2 folks find a plan that “fit” their situation, however it’s simply over-complicated it for others looking for that “Easy” to sign-up hosting plan – so to that end I am creating 1 base plan, plenty of storage and resources for a Church, Business, or Personal – but offer easy to upgrade add-on’s which will include a new feature I have been working on for those wanting to do media, but not wanting to fiddle with 3rd party solutions which require complex keys, urls, which can be time-consuming, but rather simple high-traffic media solutions for Audio and Video, including mass storage & transfer quotas – so stay tuned for that.

To the current customers on the various packages and plans over the last few years, your going to be adjusted to a “LOYALTY” plan, which will get quarterly upgrades – so additional storage/bandwidth every quarter – so you’ll see your packages upgrade on server occasionally – but if you feel the need to upgrade to the new standardized package you can, but you’ll miss out on the increases – first one will be if your account does not have 1GB in storage (with the exception of tiny customized or under $5 a month packages) you’ll get 1GB of storage by the end of June – and your increases will go from there – there will be some caps on this, but I’ll have a full run down on that as the process moves forward.

Last upcoming change coming in June is the new website, should help in the simplify process – hope to get a lot of work done on it and avoid more projects and distractions this month as I write it up and get the code adjusted and site looking slick – also if you are a designer please drop me a email looking to get some contact information for a new “Find a Designer” section of FlockHosting, hopefully it can send some business your way!

Final Bits

There are a few other mini-bits which I would post, but I am still fine tuning things, but I appreciate everyone sticking with FH these past few years, and I do as always apologize for lag in billing issues – working to get that spruced up and back on track after the recent PayPal issues where payments weren’t getting posted, if your still having issues, cancel your subscription and re-create it on the next invoice, I apologize for the hassle, but just how PayPal works I guess – but things will get better in that area too.

If you have not checked out the Facebook Page or Twitter, I encourage you to like/follow them – most of the updates lately flow there quickly – so a good place to watch for news on outages, but soon that’ll tie into the blog as well – but stay tuned! More good things coming very soon! Thanks for your continued prayers and business – looking forward to a great 2nd half of the year here @ FlockHosting!

Sites are Moved!

The servers have been re-located, things look good, later tonight the server will stop serving websites after the sites have had some time to find their new IP address – but for now everything is moved over, data will remain on server for a few days, cPanel on the old server will be disabled, but its all smooth sailing from here! Thanks to everyone for their patience & prayers!

If you notice anything not quite right, please open a single ticket and document any issues you may be having.

Titus to Solomon

Earlier this year Titus was setup, it was a move in how hosting “could” be done using a 64bit platform – for the most part things have gone smoothly but in the realm of upkeep, security, and issues like modules, backend support etc. have made me have to re-focus and stick to a 32-bit setup.

So to that end Titus will be de-comissioned this Saturday after a migration of data to Solomon, all customers on Titus should have received a email with this information – but for those who may not of, this is being cross posted here on the blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Read the email that was sent out below.

Read moreTitus to Solomon

Welcome to the New FlockHosting!

Many months in design/re-design, and finally I have settled on this lovely layout. A tremendous thanks goes out to Josh Renaud who gave FlockHosting an amazing site for the last few years, it helped re-brand and step up the site a notch, if you need a website designed, be sure to check him out and tell him Chuck from FlockHosting sent you!

Change is a tough thing! As FlockHosting has grown these past few years – boy howdy can it be tough! Going from a single server, to two, to three – new anti-spam, new webservers, new php, its a field which is always moving! By the grace of God alone have I made it this far and kept my remaining bits of sanity 😉 This is a big year of change for FlockHosting as like many of you I too have had to tighten the belt as many sites have shut down and thus the budget shrinks up a little bit – but never fear! Even if we have to scale back down to 2 servers (very BEEFY servers), I am dedicated as long as the Lord would have me to, continue working on FlockHosting, and he keeps opening new doors.

So new things! Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades. In a effort to streamline things a bit some old packages are being retired, but current users will retain those account types – plus some un-disclosed upgrades to each account type – so over the next 14 days watch for your account to get a little adjustment or two – the new accounts being offered, are some new eCommerce and Church focused options which are now open to the public, in a goal to help both Christian Owned Businesses and Churches get steady email and high-capacity storage for Video/Audio – doors are opening!

Email was another area folks were looking for some relief and upgrade, now FlockHosting offers a new email solution with accounts with up to 10GB of storage that is separate from your website storage, so if you have 1GB of storage on the website, you would separately have up to 10GB of storage for just email! It works on the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 (Any Android Phone), Windows Mobile, and Blackberry – great setup! In testing I setup local churches with it, and have had great response thus far!

Also as a added bonus – all packages for the remainder of the year have free setup, and a free domain when you pre-purchase a semi-annual or annual package. No coupons, no codes, just simple savings! More fine tuning to come over the next few days and some additional options and more… 🙂

So look around, see what you think – and as always if you find something wrong with the site, do let me know, I am sure there will be some blips here and there for a few days as I get everything moved in, thanks for your prayers and patience, and if you need any help – as always check the left hand side for some contact methods – or open a trouble ticket!

Take Care & God Bless.