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All About You!

Things have been silent here for a while, busy in my personal life as well as busy with some things rumbling in the background at FlockHosting! One thing is September – Customer Appreciation Month! Each week customers will be getting some upgrades free of charge, some optional discounts on larger upgrades, and if your on Twitter or Facebook, some special offers to share with friends! (ie: Free Hosting for a YEAR! + Some Church Freebies too!)

So if you haven’t yet – friend/follow us! Stay tuned on the latest, it has been quiet, but over the next few months, going to throw out some new goodies and get caught up with the site re-design and more! Stay tuned for great specials, watch your accounts for fun free upgrades over the next Month!

Thanks to ALL of you for your continued patience, business, and friendship over the last 8 years! Looking forward to work with you all for another 8!!

New Packages? Nope. New Package.

Years ago when FH started, things were simple – no one went around trying to get UNLIMITED this or that, needs were simple, I remember the original “MEGA” site Stacie Orrico Online had I believe a whomping 800MB of storage needed, back then that was huge, FH was just starting out and I gave it a try, making it as affordable while not going entirely broke getting a server, resources and hardware to handle everything – of course now days companies offer you the entire farm with fine print hidden in the haystack.

I’ve always done my part to make sure there is no storage unclear limits – and to that end, FH is going to get some changes here very soon, I had honestly hoped to wrap things up this weekend with the new website, but with Graduations, family considerations etc. not 100% sure I will get it done so I wanted to share what is going to happen on the new website.

Read moreNew Packages? Nope. New Package.

Spring Time @ FlockHosting

Spring Time at FlockHosting means some cleanup of the website, some clean-up of the servers, upgrades to software, some to hardware, and overall get some of the dust cleared up from the long winter months!

Email is still in the works, and while I had hoped things would of been done, sadly I hit some snags in the deal, and have been ironing things out and working towards a slow roll-out and hopefully a small yearly fee, vs that of a month to month fee, so stay tuned I hope to have some SOLID details and plans before mid-May.

Upgrades to you the customer! Expect some Storage, MySQL, and Software options from within cPanel, a new Application installer will be live by mid-May to compliment the already active Fantastico, thus offering you some of the same, but also a few more choices of easy to install applications to further enhance your website.

Lastly, some account options are going to be changed out, our Simple07 package will be tweaked a little, price will go up slightly but you will be getting additional resources, current Simple07 customers will continue to enjoy their package, there will be no forced upgrade to the new package/price, but at the same time our YourServer line as well as new options for e-Commerce and Business Class hosting will be up and online towards this summer.

So lots going on in the background, I appreciate everyone’s patience over the start of this year, but stay tuned, some great things are on the docket including some great partnership deals with a few missions out there to help support their efforts around the world while getting yourself, your church, your ministry web hosting!

So stay tuned! The blog should see more updates very soon, hopefully some more news on the email this week – so hang-tight! Good things are on the way! God is Good!

Spam Filters

Over the next few days a few blacklists will be adjusted in the anti-spam solution recently deployed – at least one of the lists has made it to where to get “unlisted” its $50 – and they have no record of why you were blocked in the first place – so very shady, and no matter how useful their blacklist might be, if folks can’t send or receive email due to that list, that’s no good.

I will point out that the BlackLists are still just a stop-gap measure to really hold out until I can find favorable pricing on spam filtering, so stay tuned for more information!

More Billing Migrations!

Another big batch of customers have been moved over to the new billing system – were you one of them? The new system is a bit different than the old one, and we encourage all customers to take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to login and open a ticket – or as always for non-technical questions feel free to contact_me for more information.

I hope to have all customers, including resellers migrated over by the end of this week! Also a newsletter is coming next week with some upcoming server changes, so be sure your email address on file is current and up-to-date, as it will include some important information about scripts and various programs on the servers.