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No, It’s True!

Since the announcement of Church Hosting many people respond with “Yeah Right!” it’s the common thread so common in fact I made it part of the FAQ for the service! But hopefully with a few churches coming online here in the coming weeks, it’ll help to really firm up the truth of the matter – It’s Free. 100% no joke, no gimmick, free!

It’s being integrated into FlockHosting.com and still getting some minor ascetic tune-ups in design to really help customers be able to find it easier and get signed up! Now some more common questions to the FAQ really have people stumped on how to manage if they can’t use their favorite design tools, well thru the service you can’t — BUT, if you have a good handle of HTML, and have a little patience, you can use your favorite design tools to make a WordPress template and it’ll be fully functional with the service!

I do encourage anyone interested to get your church signed up, I am working on some walk-thru videos to really help explain things better but if you need help and are a current user signed up and in your setup already, ask away! I’m here to help, email, Live Chat (9AM-5:30pm Pacific – And randomly in the evenings), or the community which I hope can spark some good conversation for all customers to learn and expand the possibilities of your websites!

So if your still skeptical, or are just plain curious how your church could benefit, Ask Questions! Leave a comment here, on Facebook, on the forum, live chat, email, carrier pigeon, you name it, I’m here and ready to answer your questions! If your under contract for your hosting, email in now and let’s start working on migrating your site and data, I am here to help create solutions to get you hosted free and easy!

One Church, One Month

Hard work must be rewarded… Right? Well I tend to agree.



+1 Church = +1 Month of Hosting



Since the world of the internet isn’t always something for Churches, not all are blessed with that outwardly geeky guy or girl who get a wild hair and say “WEBSITE!” but  your church may have a slight desire to come on board, and to really get the word out and even if it’s not your church, I am offering a 1 to 1 deal, for any church that signs up and you let me know your forwarding them my way, or they note you in the sign-up as the referer you get a month free — up to 1 calendar year of free hosting per customer.


“Wait… Hold it, your rewarding me for hosting your doing for free?” – Yes. This mission of hosting churches is a big deal, I want to make sure folks know about it and don’t want to rely on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or some other search engine to have someone by chance find FlockHosting, I want to see word of mouth really spread the news about this to friends, nearby churches, you name it, let’s get everyone finding out about this!

The service is nearing launch with a soft-launch going on this week to iron out some kinks, and take some feedback, but the service will always be growing, changing, adapting,  so if you know a church or even have a site now and you want to know “Can it be moved?!” Ask away!

But the offer above is good to all standing customers for church referrals – over 12 churches, there will be additional perks/rewards, but not going to announce that just yet! 😀 For now, please help spread the word, the website will be completed by weeks end (if not sooner) with full details of the service, banners, pdf’s for printing, and a stock email/letter you can send to pastors/churches in your area.

So stay tuned! More info on the way!