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Server Update Rollout

My apologies for the lack of server schedules last Friday, my father went in for shoulder surgery, and I was asked to bring a message Sunday at the church he pastor’s so got a little sidetracked on message prep! But Dad is doing much better and life is all slowly calming down (now if only our heat wave would end, I’d be set!) ūüôā

On with the server news though, as noted not all servers are up for this new setup Рbut they have some fun coming during Customer Appreciate Month with all other servers Рso stay tuned for that coming up VERY soon! Each server will have an estimated 2 hour outage, now this may end up being considerably less! But adding some additional time just in case something comes up during upgrades.

  • Praise: August 24th – 11pm (Pacific)
  • Solomon: August 31 – 11pm¬†(Pacific)
  • Sputnik: September 1 – 11pm¬†(Pacific)

Now more goodies are coming over the Customer Appreciation Month, few new additions to services and some additional resources, building the final plan for the 4 weeks of fun! Hope to have a lot of goodies for everyone new and old to enjoy, and for all customers a little something¬†special, where I can wing it! So stay tuned! If you aren’t already join me on Facebook, Twitter, the Newsletter or the YouTube Channel which should be updated this week too!

Again thanks for your patience! Stay tuned for more goodies to follow!

Latest Tech Slow Roll-out!

The age old problem – and it happened again yesterday! Shared hosting has a key issue by default:

Site A = Fair Traffic

Site B = Moderate Traffic

Sites A+ B = Busy-ish Server – but easy to tune, and get the most out of resources.

But enter¬†Site C.¬†They don’t desire to be mean, or malicious, they are quite simply – Popular, and popular is an easy target to find for folks looking to cause some havoc, and when attacked they get full range of server resources, thus when they get hit hard with traffic, be it a spike due to an article, news coverage, etc. in shared hosting, they effect the ENTIRE server, not just their website.

So for the last few months, unknown¬†publicly¬†but in testing on a live server Koinonia(Church Hosting) – a new server platform has been in testing called CloudLinux (insert user groan over tech words which they don’t care to know) lol.

Short version is as such, CloudLinux lets me set resource limits above and beyond Storage & Bandwidth, those two elements you can you can track and see on a day to day basis, making sure your not going over limits – well Cloudlinux tracks CPU and Memory as well – making sure that when the Site C’s of the servers get a spike in traffic, only they are effected – not¬†the¬†entire server! This leaves your Site A and Site B free to continue displaying their websites, without the worry of Site C’s popularity/attack/etc. bringing down YOUR website!

This has been on the docket, and not all servers can be easily upgraded to take advantage of this technology, servers like Praise, Koinonia, Solomon, and the Re-Launch of Sheepy (New Server Deploying this week!) will all have this tech available to manage and keep sites safer by managing and keeping a single site from taking over all resources! Sadly Faith and Shepherd are not compatible, they are slightly older servers built a little differently and do not have the option to enable this software, but I am working on that still, and should have some options in the coming weeks.

What do you need to do? Nothing. The server will get an upgrade of some software, then a quick reboot – and Tada! Done. All new servers like Sheepy, will be launching with this pre-installed, no need for post upgrades – as well as alternative Webserver Litespeed (Instead of Apache) and currently too evaluating some MySQL Alternatives as well which are quick and easy drop-in’s!

So why am I telling you all of this? I want to be transparent with you guys on whats being done to keep your sites running smoothly – and while words of “Sorry!” don’t always make up for things – I realize words are just words, but I am putting things into action, and just like Customer Appreciation Month coming up here this next month, my commitment to you and your sites is year round – I want to constantly improve and enhance in anyway I possibly can!

Stay tuned, Friday I’ll be announcing the roll-out dates for reboots and a few other adjustments to servers, and hopefully by month’s end also have some plans to enhance and improve upon Shepherd and Faith too allowing them to benefit from the same enhancements as other servers!

Thank you all for your patience with the recent spot outages you all continue to bless me greatly!