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Rolling Reboots & Security Updates

Working on the final schedule with the datacenter to have some hands on deck at the servers as the servers all get some security updates that recently came to light, as well as sneaking in some core software upgrades for security that were planned for later in the month – the reboots will start at 12:01AM (CDT) each night, and in the test servers we did this on it took ~60minutes max on average, however in a few servers which needed a disk check, the outage lasted 2 hours – I wish I could give exacts, but this is being done for security and stability.

Currently we have the FlockHosting server on deck first for 6/11/2010 – at 12:01AM (CDT) the process will begin, FlockHosting.com will be effectively offline – as I have more dates and servers I will post a note – some servers are newer and have these patches so they will not be effected. Stay tuned for info on when your server will have a maintenance window.