FlockHosting Blog

Server Work & Upgrades

Over the next week or so I am working with one of the companies FH’s servers are located with to spread out servers a bit – no changes/updates are required of any FH customer, but there will be some downtime as things are re-located within the datacenter – a full game plan will be made and posted breaking down when each server will go down in the evening, but once the re-location of things is done, you’ll be right back up and running! Looking at as little as 15-20 minutes of outage in the evening, but I’ll have a firmer time-table soon.

Also more batches of upgrades are in the works, and things are progressing nicely – next week pricing for SSL, Add-on Domains, and more will be added to the options for packages, so stay tuned for more additions as the site continues to take off, and also prepare for the return of a FlockHosting classic “Crazy October”! Already working on not only deals, but giveaways this year, so stay tuned!

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Weekend everyone!