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Church Hosting Growth

Over a year ago FlockHosting’s State of the Server painted the migration of servers. In the case of Church Hosting it combined Fellowship and Koinonia into 1 server: Church.

Well it has been a year and those combined servers and about 75 churches more, Church is full! While the tech behind the server could support another 100 sites or so, I want room for every account to grow.

The joy of Church Hosting is getting emails like this:


We are getting notices that we have reached our limits, how much does it cost to get more storage for our site?”

Of course there is my favorite reply:


I have increased the storage! Enjoy and please let me know if you need anything else!”

Church Hosting is about being a blessing to churches. No costly hosting, no big bills. Free. And that’s how I’d love to keep it!

I currently have a few more expenses that are big priorities, big one is the little girl sleeping to my right. She’s not always the most affordable, but she’s pretty cute and I love her to pieces.

So I am looking for a little help. There are a few options in how you can help get things running again sooner than later for churches! With 2 folks already in the wings asking “When can we launch?” your help can be huge right now to help churches far and wide get their sites online.

Few ways you can help:

  • Become a Founder – I have 2 1 spot left. 2 1. You become part of an exclusive group with savings on all other products. Your hosting package is lifetime hosting. Be one of the final 10 – and wait for more things planned for the Founders.
  • Donate to Help – If you can spare some funds to help springboard us, it’d be an amazing help! Even $5 can get things one step closer to lighting up the new hardware and coming online!

I do hope to have a full-fledged crowd funding setup, but for now if you could be so bold and be a founder, that’d help! If you can donate any amount, that helps too!

Church Hosting has blessed a great number of churches who were paying $15 a month or more! That means the church has a spare $180 in their pocket a year! Imagine that $180 going to benevolence, or helping send a kid to camp! A husband or wife to a men’s/women’s conference! Let FlockHosting handle the hosting, you handle your Flock!

Help me help churches around the world! Be a part of getting things running again!

Founders Club + Church Hosting + Tax Day!

Here we are on Tuesday morning-ish, drawing closer and closer to the 15th and the end of a 10.4% discount code (1040EZ) & the Founders Club’s final 2 spots coming to a close, not to leave out Church Hosting which is continuing to grow… grow… grow! Few things to go over so let’s break it up

Founders Club

2 spots remain to join the ranks of this exclusive club, why do I call it “Founders Club” well it’s been part of a long-time idea for FlockHosting, to have a group of folks who help build FlockHosting, and $200 while gives lifetime hosting, it does bolster funds for FlockHosting in the short-term to build services and grow things like Church Hosting!

So if you’re dragging your feet because $200 is a lot of money, well think of these perks in addition to not having a hosting bill for your hosting:

  • 15% off all domain renewals & future hosting services (Email, VPS, Dedicated, You name it!)
  • Exclusive Free FlockHosting Gear – Shirts, Mousepads, and Hats planned.
  • Early Beta Access to New Services at No Cost.
  • Special Package Upgrades (More Storage, New Services, All at no cost!)
  • Random Perks Applied to other hosting accounts in your account, for instance Brenten may not of noticed that his other hosting account received a year renewal – No Cost – who knows what I’ll do next, maybe a mail server? VPS for a Designer who is in the Founders Club? Possibilities are endless!
  • More planned down the line!

It may not seem like much but those of you signing up for what seems like a spectacular deal of Lifetime Hosting – you are helping lay the foundation of FlockHosting today, for a stronger FlockHosting tomorrow, and if I can help build up your website be it a ministry, business or even a personal blog, let me return the favor!

Now I am not sure Founders Club spots will return, this time around was for a big foundational need, still not completely met, but it’s helped out a TON, so get in on this amazing deal to help not only you with your bottom line, but too help build FlockHosting’s services like Church Hosting to support even more churches! We nearly need another server… more on that next!

Church Hosting

It’s a passion of mine. I’ve greatly enjoyed the over 100+ churches who currently utilize Church Hosting, some are a delight to work with, while others are so self sufficient I don’t even know they are there except for the fact their website is getting traffic!

So it’s getting time to grow again, the current server while could likely handle another 100+ websites, it’s getting crowded, and I want Churches to enjoy speed not clogged lines. Let’s keep the message flowing free! Can you help raise some funds for a Server + Backup?

If you are not up for the $200 price tag of the Founders Club, then maybe a $10 donation? The donation buttons are still up on the old Crowd Funding Site, it’s secured with SSL, so feel free to donate, it’s not pretty – but never fear a full crowd funding plan is coming!

Tax Day!

For most you wouldn’t think this is a day of rejoicing – oh but it is 🙂 So to that end instead of being someone posting “Ugh Tax Day!” share a little joy – Post something uplifting and you can get a chance to win one of the following:

  • A Google Chromebook
  • 1 of 3 Google Chromecasts

It’s Google Tastic I know! But first thing in the morning (as in I’ll have it scheduled for 12:01 AM) a post will go in how you can share positivity on a day which can be stressful! Not creative, never fear, I’ll have formatted posts you can share from FlockHosting on Twitter & Facebook, you tag FlockHosting back – and you’re entered to win! Want to be sure I got it? You can always email the special address noted in the contest post.

Normally this is open to FlockHosting Customers only, but this time that’s different, FlockHosting’s going to spread a little joy too – ANYONE may post! Winners will be randomly selected and if at the end your Facebook or Twitter account is selected then I’ll get some details for shipping (United States Only) – so this time around maybe a few more folks will join in the fun to make Tax Day a little less depressing.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Have a BLESSED Day Today!

02-28-12 = 32! (Trust me it does!)

So you showed up, and are saying “So what’s this fun?” well for folks who have been waiting for that “DEAL” to come around today is the day, but the real question is “Why is Chuck bad at math?” I mean obviously its -38, or if adding 42 – so really – why is that math equate to 32?

It’s my age.  🙂 And thus to celebrate my 32nd birthday – 32% off of Personal and Business Hosting for all new accounts! An amazing savings! Works on all years of service, you want 3 Years? Save 32%! All you have to do is use the code BDAYBOY32!

Oh but wait, current customers there’s an option for you to get in on this too! A separate code of BDAYBOY32-25 will work for two secret plans for both the Personal and Business accounts that can be pre-purchased for your account at a 25% discount! I have setup the packages for 1 year of service for each package and you can order extra if you have a few hosting accounts (as some of you do) each qty you purchase is 1 year of pre-paid service, throw in the code and you get 25% off! Your account stays as-is, and your next due-date will be updated to reflect an additional year of service before your next billing!

Now if your not on the Personal/Business plans but on the legacy plans, you can still sign-up for this promo, but your accounts will simply receive a credit for the total amount you were billed – so if you do Personal x 2 it should roll out something like this:

  • Subtotal: $108.00 USD
  • 25% One Time Discount: $27.00 USD
  • Total Due Today: $81.00 USD

So you get a $81 credit applied to your hosting package, and even if your billed monthly, that $81 will slowly be used to pay your hosting bill! But there isn’t a limit to the savings you can have compared to new customers only able to go up to 3 years! So if you want to pre-pay for a few years you are more than welcome to, just put in a QTY you’d like, update the total, put in the promo code and your good to go! One warning, there are no refunds on this, it’s pre-paying so the amount will be applied to your account, so choose your amount wisely!

Other fine print? Limit 1 use per account, on either code – and only 16 uses per code – so don’t delay! New accounts will be created as they come in, current customers may have a 72hr window before credits are applied (I have to have time for cake!) and last but not least, this promo ends the 29th!

So the recap:

  1. New Customers – BDAYBOY32 – 32% off your new order!
  2. Current Customers – BDAYBOY32-25 – 25% off pre-purchase hosting time!
  3. Good for 16 uses per code
  4. Promo Ends 02/29/12


Not for you? Tell a friend! Great time to get hooked in! Hope you guys enjoy the birthday savings! They come around but once a year! Hope they are helpful!

Customer Appreciation – Week Four.

Customer Appreciation Month!

So another year, and I’m wrapping it up – granted this week was supposed to start with a the final day on Monday, but with travel I pushed it back, then my sister decided to welcome my niece Amelia Joy into the world, so after travel -> baby, I am a blessed Man indeed (albeit a little tired!)

This week I had hoped to have customers give a set of ideas on how they’d like the final week to go, but some customers quite simply are happy with how things are with FlockHosting, and I am incredibly blessed to hear from customers and get some feedback, normally most folks only get feedback when things are BAD – with FlockHosting I’m blessed to have customers who are excited about the services here, and love to brag about Me, I am truly honored and blessed folks think so highly of the services here! Proud to call many customers Friend.

So for the last week, the sponsor, is Me — Chuck Brown (Website) (Personal Site), coming up on 10 years ago I remember finding a website that I enjoyed going to who had a screen come up every month “Site has reached bandwidth limits” or one time it was “Too many active connections” – I wanted to do things different, I wanted to bless fellow believers with personal, affordable, and more human hosting than anything out there, not a cookie cutter re-seller of HOST X, but something new, different, and with a mission to spread good things around the internet, and thus I am blessed with each and every customer who’s website have lived on any servers over the years! God has truly blessed Me with Amazing Customers! Your all amazing!

The end of this year is maybe a little less mighty than last years giveaways, but none the less its something I wanted to show my appreciation so the final run is 3 parts:

#1 – A promise, that I’ll continue to grow Support & Community Options of FlockHosting! The Community Forum will grow! Even if it’s just me posting a hodgepodge of goodies! The knowledge base will increase by 25% before the end of the year – and I’ll continue to monitor and actively support both Live Chat and the Feedback tab (on the left hand of the page), I am around if you need my help!

#2 – This one is to honor the birth of my niece Amelia Joy, as she was born on the 27th, thru the end of October the discount code, AMELIAJOY, will provide a 27% discount on all hosting packages & email – what can I say, I’m a proud uncle of  2 nieces and 1 nephew!

#3 – More Giving. I would like to see FlockHosting making a bigger effort into supporting ministries around the world, not just with free hosting! There are some great ministries out there who while hosting would benefit, I feel God has truly called me to in this business always give of my Time, Talent and Treasure – so to that end, each sale will give 10%, even if that’s a setup of a Church Hosting account, so for $5 accounts, $0.50, for $10 accounts $1, and for $0 accounts, $1, after its reached at least $50 I’ll take a list of suggested groups and pick one to give to! I want to give back! So your money now goes to support much more! I hope to challenge customers too to special giving opportunities with some goodies from me in return!

So there it is, a push for the future, I even have for the first time EVER… Business Cards:

If anyone would like some, please just drop me an email, and I’ll mail you some! Hopefully seeing it in PRINT folks will know I’m serious about Church Hosting for FREE! But I am pushing forward and hoping you’ll come along for the ride!

I am looking forward to October 5th’s big drawing, some folks have entered DAILY, others maybe 1-2 times total, but still plenty of time to enter for a few days  so why not enter a few times? May even be some surprise drawings… time will tell!

But thanks so much for joining me for another great year of Customer Appreciation Month – I really do hope your truly blessed by FlockHosting, and if I can be of service to you and your website in any way, please feel free to pick my brain!

Till next year! God Bless!

Chuck Brown
FlockHosting (www.flockhosting.com)

One Church, One Month

Hard work must be rewarded… Right? Well I tend to agree.



+1 Church = +1 Month of Hosting



Since the world of the internet isn’t always something for Churches, not all are blessed with that outwardly geeky guy or girl who get a wild hair and say “WEBSITE!” but  your church may have a slight desire to come on board, and to really get the word out and even if it’s not your church, I am offering a 1 to 1 deal, for any church that signs up and you let me know your forwarding them my way, or they note you in the sign-up as the referer you get a month free — up to 1 calendar year of free hosting per customer.


“Wait… Hold it, your rewarding me for hosting your doing for free?” – Yes. This mission of hosting churches is a big deal, I want to make sure folks know about it and don’t want to rely on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or some other search engine to have someone by chance find FlockHosting, I want to see word of mouth really spread the news about this to friends, nearby churches, you name it, let’s get everyone finding out about this!

The service is nearing launch with a soft-launch going on this week to iron out some kinks, and take some feedback, but the service will always be growing, changing, adapting,  so if you know a church or even have a site now and you want to know “Can it be moved?!” Ask away!

But the offer above is good to all standing customers for church referrals – over 12 churches, there will be additional perks/rewards, but not going to announce that just yet! 😀 For now, please help spread the word, the website will be completed by weeks end (if not sooner) with full details of the service, banners, pdf’s for printing, and a stock email/letter you can send to pastors/churches in your area.

So stay tuned! More info on the way!