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Crazy October (10/19)

So the deal never went up yesterday! My apologies, things just got busy around here – I’ll spare you the details, but now after a good night’s sleep things are on their way! Seeing as we are going into a weekend, this deal will last thru not Monday, but Tuesday in a effort to make up for the missed special yesterday – and since things are getting busy here, some deals will be going up which last for the remainder of the month, not just the day, and each day special offers will be slipped in if there is time, plus there will be random giveaway offers for free upgrades you can claim – so stay tuned next week!

20% off your order, no matter the term, no matter the package – thru this next Tuesday you can get 20% off by using the code CO101920. Not enough? Okay, then here’s some other incentives:

  • Pay with Credit Card: 100MB Additional Storage
  • Pay for a YEAR of hosting: 10GB Additional Bandwidth + Your domain is free!
  • Pay for 6 Months of hosting: 5GB Additional Bandwidth

So pre-order and get more, pay with a credit card get more – so you order for a year and use your credit card, you get 100MB AND 10GB of storage, plus with the promotion all this month, your domain is free! But even if you only do 6 months and use a card, we’ll throw in 5GB of additional bandwidth plus the 100MB if you pay by card!

So there you have it, today’s specials are officially live, and will run thru the 23rd (Next Tuesday)! If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact_me!

Crazy October (10/16)

Another day, another deal, as we reach mid-week, a few long-term offers will be added to the already free domain with purchase of a year of hosting, these specials will remain through-out the month, but for today – another doubled up option for both New and Current customers.

45% off ANY new order! If you have been considering setting up a new website, now is probably the best time! Sign up for any monthly hosting package (Starter, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert) on a monthly basis and get 45% off your order! Just put in code CO101645 and your good to go!

If there’s a special you’d like to see (features/functions) don’t hesitate to contact_me with your feedback!