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And the winners are….

I missed yesterday by 4 minutes! But better late than never with a free prize or 6 at stake! ūüôā

So the winners are [Insert Drumroll]:

  • Jarryd G. – 1 Year of Hosting
  • TJ J. – 1 Year WordFence
  • Jerry M. – 1 Year Email Server
  • Gary V. – 1 Year 512 VPS
  • Michael R. – ASUS Chromebook
  • Katie A. – Amazon Tap

There we have it! I’ll be opening a ticket with each winner here shortly – for goods; I’ll need to confirm addresses, and for those who got services, we’ll work it out!

Thanks again everyone for 14 great years! It feels like it was only yesterday this journey started! Looking forward to next year, and many more fun things to come in this year! Stay tuned!

Have a Blessed Week All!

Server Adjustments and a Promo!

So some changes coming slowly as I roll out the Customer Appreciation Upgrades – while everyone is getting some additional storage and bandwidth – I am making some changes under the hood to all servers, what are those changes? Here’s a breakdown per-service:


  • Removing Frontpage Support 100% from the fleet – it has not been supported and likely in time will become a security risk. However webDAV support is active on all servers so you can manage/publish your website with Frontpage just need to adjust things to a webDAV connection!
  • PHP Upgrade – Going to move all servers from 5.2. builds (which ended support in 2010) to 5.3 – so a good time to ensure your scripts are up to date! But if you hit any snags, assistance will be available to help get upgraded.
  • Ruby Activated on all accounts/servers – Some have asked about the Ruby Platform, some accounts/servers had it as a new build, however going to roll it out for general use and access. Unsure about ruby? Here is some info about it.


  • Upgrading MySQL to 5.x builds – will still offer support for 4.x configuration options and password support, however to stay safe & secure in the long-run this will be happening to all servers by years end. If you have any concerns? Please touch base with me.
  • Adding PostgreSQL to all servers, a few customers have requested it, and it is rolled out in a few configurations – this will be added for all, cPanel will reflect options for databases as well.


  • Migration from Courier IMAP -> Dovecot. Uses fewer system resources, and has some great configuration options – too some Blackberry support – and has worked well on newer server configurations.
  • Continued Adjustments on ASSP filtering, going to have a video guide next month of some tips and tricks to get things even more fine tuned for you!
  • Full SSL support with signed SSL certificate for server hostname – if you want to go SECURE¬†connection¬†change your email settings from mail.yourdomain.com to the server hostname, ie. If you login to cPanel and it becomes “shepherd.flockhosting.com” that’s your server’s hostname.

File Access:

  • Begin offering of Jailed Shell to established customers – this will be announced in greater detail soon.
  • webDAV support for WebDRIVE for all customers.
  • SSL FTP – You can connect securely to FTP using the server hostname.


  • Continued Growth of Tutorials in Knowledge Base
  • Improved Integration of Communicate Options into your Profile
  • Guides on setting up Authorized Users to your account
  • Loyalty Group for Discounts & Special Sales

But that’s the list – this will all begin working thru the day, watch in the evenings on Twitter/Facebook/Announcements on billing for heads up on detailed maintenance which may require some minor downtime with a server reboot – I will be doing my best to plan these out and try to give at least 7 days lead time so you are aware of something coming up.

The Promo Code!

It’s fall! And why not a promo! Thru November 2nd the promo code¬†ITSFALL¬†will get you 15% off your oder! This is a one time discount, so if you want savings on a larger scale, snag 6/12 months of service and you’ll save even more! No limit on number of uses, share with a friend!

In closing….

I want to say thanks again to all who have showed support for me in the upcoming end of my Day Job, I really appreciate the emails, chats, etc. been very supportive! I know God has a plan for all of this, and I know that I am going to be putting in even more time to FlockHosting, some great ideas coming in from fellow FlockHosters which I want to see come together! So stay tuned! Good things ahead, and your continued prayers as always are greatly appreciated!