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Fantastico Patch On-Going

Currently across the entire fleet of servers here at TN/FH the fix for Fantastico is being rolled out – this week may also mark the release of another tool similar to that of Fantastico to be added to all servers fleet wide as well! So stay tuned to the blog for more info as things develop here! The entire roll-out of the fix should be completed by 3PM (Pacific Time). Once it is completed, I’ll post an update to post.

Also the email roll out of the new service is slowly starting – if you would like your current email switched/converted – please open a ticket for further details!

[**Update**] Fantastico updates continue, most servers are back online, Faith and Shepherd both should be functionally normally – if your having issue please open a ticket, Solomon, Business and a few others remain stay tuned!

Fantastico Returning Monday

Fantastico will be returning Monday after some more servers are patched up with the updates, I apologize for the outage, and I do thank you for the prayers for my Dad, he got admitted to the ER they did some tests, and released him with a follow-up with his doctor about kidney function.

So things are leveling out on both server & personal fronts. I do appreciate the prayers, and I’ll post more of an update on SEVERAL things this Monday!

Spam Filters

Over the next few days a few blacklists will be adjusted in the anti-spam solution recently deployed – at least one of the lists has made it to where to get “unlisted” its $50 – and they have no record of why you were blocked in the first place – so very shady, and no matter how useful their blacklist might be, if folks can’t send or receive email due to that list, that’s no good.

I will point out that the BlackLists are still just a stop-gap measure to really hold out until I can find favorable pricing on spam filtering, so stay tuned for more information!

Need Help?

As some of you are starting into your Saturday, and finding issues here and there with your website, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket or email me directly for assistance in resolving your PHP5 problems (or other website issues/questions you may have) – things are getting patched up so some fixes may fix your problem, but don’t wait for it to come find you, find me.

Some exciting changes will be coming which will bring more fixes, more speed, more more more. So stay tuned, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!